August 03, 2016

03/08/2016: United States scientific community discovers Silica+ at ADSA-ASAS Joint Meeting
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Silica+ was unveiled for the first time at the 2016 Joint Annual Meeting ASAS-ADSA held in Salt Lake City, USA raising lively interest from the scientific community of the United States and Worldwide. The presented study shows the effect of Silica+ on piglet growth performance and has been selected for publication in Journal of Animal Science (vol 94, E-Supplement 5).
According to the trial conducted on piglets by a top government affiliated research facility in the province of Quebec (Canada), Research Centre in Animal Sciences of Deschambault (CRSAD) and supervised by the centre’s scientific director Yan Martel- Kennes MSc agr, piglets with Silica+ have shown improved feed intake, daily weight gain and final weight.
“Concerning the effect of Silica+, feed intake was improved by 4.13 percent in the post-weaning phase, compared to the groups without Silica+ (729g/day versus 700g/day; P<0.05). In addition, groups fed Silica+ showed an average daily gain of 3.26 percent higher than groups without Silica+ during the same phase (607g/day versus 588 g/day; p<0.05). This effect leads to an improvement in piglet’s weight at the end of the post-weaning phase of 2.2 percent (24.52 kg versus 23.99 kg; p<0.05),” Yan Martel-Kennes explains.
“It was concluded that, under our trial conditions, adding Silica+ to piglet feed (0.02%) increases feed intake, growth rate and piglet weight at the end of the post-weaning phase.”
Additional trials conducted at the Schothorst Feed Research, South China Agricultural University, University of Beijing (in association with MAFIK) and University of Montreal concluded that adding only 0.02 percent of Silica+ to swine feed increases final weight of finisher pigs from 2 to 3 kilos and reduces the feed conversion rate by 9 points. Likewise, the effects of Silica+ in poultry and aquaculture have been published in Poultry Science journal and Aqua Culture Asia Pacific and show an improvement of all performance parameters including significant differences in FCR.
Silica+ is a crystalline silicon dioxide of high purity (micronised to particles of 40 μm) that has undergone electromagnetic treatment under the unique technology of Ceresco Nutrition. When added to feed, Silica+ will accelerate the ionic exchange within the digestive tract thus improving enzymatic activity, digestibility of proteins, and mineral absorption.
This mineral additive could offer potential economic benefits to swine, poultry and aquaculture producers.
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