August 16, 2016

16/08/2016: Curiosity - it’s where the future starts

By Christophe Pelletier 

The challenges ahead are bigger than ever before, and rest assured that they will be even bigger in the future. The good news is that progress and new developments in science and technology are also now bigger and faster than ever, too. From a technical point of view, I would dare to say that the solutions to the challenges already exist or are very close. 

The Food Futurist: Christophe Pelletier
Often, the problem is that these solutions are not immediately economically viable. In such a fast-changing world, curiosity is undoubtedly one of the most desirable qualities to adapt in a timely manner and find new ways of running the business. 

Perhaps, it is because a lot of my work is about finding as much information and gathering as much knowledge as possible about all sorts of technologies, facts, systems, science and experiences that I find curiosity quite natural. Perhaps it is also because I have a curious nature. 
 In my daily activities, I find that people are not curious enough. I can also see that the ones who have that quality are always ahead of the pack. What is really amazing is how much is already out there. The trick is to find it and to know about it.  

Often, the information originates from very different business sectors or comes from other parts of the world or is available in a different language. 

I can see regularly a lot of organisations busy reinventing the wheel, going through the pain of setting up research and spending vast amounts of time, money and resources to find out results that are already available and that they could have taken over and adjusted to their particular situations. 

Curiosity can deliver huge savings. 

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