August 19, 2016

19/08/2016: Christy Turner time machine

by Lyndsey Filbey

If you need further convincing of Christy Turner's 'built to last' reputation, then the company's recent restoration of one of its original E R & F Turner Flaking Mills is an impressive testament to the longevity of their machines.

Manufactured in 1937, the vintage 18 inch flaking mill - the equivalent of an E R & F Turner 460 today - is now back in situ at South Down Feeds in Northern Ireland following a five-week restoration. 

What is more amazing, a large part of the restoration work on the animal feed mill was cosmetic, with around 90 percent of the original machine still intact following the extensive work which involved stripping the machine back to the last nut and bolt.

"The restoration of our 1937 flaking mill is a great testament to the longevity of our machines,” according to Managing Director Chris Jones, who added that, “It is amazing to see how this machine has stood the test of time, while knowing the lifespan of our modern mills will only get better. Today's machines - with their modern materials, technology, robust cast and sound construction - are even better equipped to withstand the high forces and vibration inherent in the flaking process."

As the mill arrived
Building upon manufacturing skills and expertise since 1837 A consolidation of highly respected British brands E R & F Turner, Christy & Norris and Miracle Mills, Christy Turner Ltd is renowned for quality British engineering and innovation in the milling industry. 

Building upon manufacturing skills and expertise since E R & F Turner started production in 1837, while making the most of modern technological advances, Christy Turner continue to produce machines of choice for manufacturers around the globe.

E R & F Turner's flaking mills are possibly the most famous export of the Christy Turner brand family. Over 90 percent of the machines used by UK cereal giant Weetabix at Burton Latimer & Corby sites are E R & F Turner mills - many already offering up decades of service. Arriving at Christy Turner's Ipswich workshop in 2015, the vintage machine, which weighs around 4.5 tonnes was lifted off the truck via an overhead crane ready for its makeover. It was met by an excited, but apprehensive engineering team.

Completed mill
As Ian Butcher, Christy Turner's Production and Service Manager who led the project, explained: "The biggest obstacle we faced was not having engineers familiar with these particular models and the innate historical knowledge of a 1930s engineer. 

As a result the rebuild involved a bit of research and we relied heavily on the Christy Turner archives, searching through microfiche to locate mechanical sketches relating to the exact model.  

While some of the fundamental principles were similar, many improvements have been added to our machines over the years, making them mechanically very different." Ian added: "What struck me at first was that the machine was in remarkable condition for its age and it really just needed smartening up. 

Towards the latter part of its production life, which spanned some 80 years, a few small parts had started to fall off the mill, so the owners were keen to see it thoroughly restored and set it up for many more decades of service.” 

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