October 06, 2016

07/10/2016: The Bühler networking days innovations

Tubo the tubular push conveyor

In terms of flexibility, the new TUBO conveyor system sets new standards in plant engineering and was specifically designed for use in the food industry with its high requirements in terms of hygiene.

This uniquely versatile machine, which operates on a ‘push’ rather than a ‘pulling’ process, attracted much attention at the recent Buhler Networking Days in Uzwil and in fact, won the event’s most innovative prize with over 20 percent of the attendees’ voting in favour.

In comparison to conventional conveying systems, energy consumption can be considerably reduced and the bulk material can be conveyed far more gently.

In order to achieve consistently high product quality and efficient production processes for the processing of bulk materials such as grain, rice, break-stock, bran and flour, the products must be conveyed in the production plant as rapidly as possible, but at the same time also gently and hygienically.

Bühler’s TUBO is an innovative conveying system that sets new standards for the conveying of bulk materials, says the company. In contrast to today‘s systems, the bulk material is conveyed, without the need of a pulling-cord, in a closed pipe using TUBIT pusher elements.

Thanks to three-dimensional plant layouts, plant engineering is considerably more flexible. Furthermore, additional advantages with respect to sanitation, energy efficiency and gentle conveying ensure sustainable investment pay-off in a very short time.

More creative freedom in bulk materials conveying:

• Flexible plant engineering - minimum space requirements through three-dimensional conveying

• Highest sanitation standards - residue-free product conveying without cross-contamination and segregation

• Highest energy efficiency - minimal friction and fewer transfer points required
• Gentle conveying - fewer broken kernels and higher yield

Tubo won the award for most advanced innovation and the team that designed it celebrates with CTO Ian Roberts Dr Eliana Zamprogna stands next to the Tubit units from the Tubo which help to push product along the conveyor

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