October 27, 2016

27/10/2016: Protein products for feeds and foodstuffs receive inaugural awards

Millers and the milling industry, whether for food or feed use, scored highly in the recent Bridge2Food awards held in Lille, France at the 9th Protein Summit which ran from September 19-21, 2016.

The Best New Protein Food Award went to Gold & Green Foods for its ‘Pulled Oats’ – a perfect protein food that is 100 percent plant-based and ecologically produced. The awards made this year were inaugural and will be repeated annually.

The ‘Pulled Oats’ product has a superior amino acid profile, more protein than chicken breast, a meat-like texture and delicious juicy taste, says judge Claire Nuttall, Founder of Brand Incubator.  

She says, “Gold & Green Foods has created a unique and tasty product which is high in both protein and fibre. The whole proposition stood out for the judges, as a well-designed, articulated and unique new launch.

“Fantastic they have achieved such a great balance of taste, texture and healthfulness in such a mainstream product range. I am sure it will be a big success as a healthy source of protein for anyone looking for a plant-based, meat alternative."

Pulled Oats is a high-protein main dish component which texture reminds the customer of pulled pork, is easy to approach and use in various dishes. Pulled Oats comes in three different taste variations, which makes it possible for consumers to reduce meat in everyday life in an easy and straightforward way.

The Gold & Green protein food can be called as ‘perfect protein’ for the following reasons:

1. 100 percent plant based. There’s nothing animal originated in the products

2. Sustainable. The ingredients are all originated from sustainable sources in Europe

3. Nutritionally excellent. The product has over 30 percent of protein (compared to 23 percent in chicken) and it has a balanced amino acid profile, comparable to that in meat. The health impacts are present due to the high level of the oat fiber beta-glucan, which is beneficial for the digestion and cardiovascular health

4. Taste, mouth feel and usage. The consumers who have tried the product, have been overly excited about the tender, fibrous structure, the mild and adaptive taste and especially the easy and straightforward usage of the product in everyday dishes

Dr Reetta Kivelä, CTO of Gold & Green Foods says, "Pulled Oats were developed because we wanted to contribute to the climate challenges with our skillset. “We highly appreciate the wording of the jury that encourage us to follow our visions to change the world.

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