October 18, 2016

19/10/2016: Molino - Staff and service at the heart of success

by Tom Blacker, Milling and Grain

As we know, Turkey is a developing country. What we might not know is that it accounts for over 20 percent of world’s flour trade in exports.

Now supported by Konya Borsa, a new local market trading board, it is well positioned to accelerate both the means and ease of the county’s business operations for all customers, both domestic and international.

As a major manufacturer and supplier working within the Turkish milling industry and meeting the needs of customers around the world, Molino is one of Turkey’s major drivers in milling development.

Molino was formed in 1964 by industry stalwart Dr Omer Lutfi Alaybeyi, the son of Salim Alaybeyi who had established an original company in the 1950s which focused on wheat merchandising and bakery activities.

After graduating from university in France in 1953, Dr Omer turned his attention to the production of milling machines and their ancillary equipment manufacture. Today, the company has over 54,000 square meters of open factory area and a massive 30,000 square meters under cover.

“Our company successfully executes all steps from research and development to the establishment of turn-key factories. We are a leading company in our sector and we operated with professionally throughout and follow-up with dedicated after sales service,” says today’s Vice President Salim Alaybeyi, the son of Dr Omer Lutfi.

Molino supplies all the equipment a miller needs to operate flour and semolina mills, grain silos, seed cleaning units, pulse sieving and packing plants, pneumatic and mechanic conveying systems, etc.

“Our company defines its basic principles in all activities as low cost and high quality flour production,” he says.

Customers come from a range of countries besides Turkey; from France to Syria, Morocco to Eygpt, from the Dominican Republic to India, especially Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Russia, Ukraine, UAE, Germany, Greece and Yemen.

In April this year, Professor Dr Hikmet Boyacioglu MAG’s Turkish editor and I met with Salim Alaybeyi, Ahmet Yalcinkaya and Abdullah Ghandoura at the Molino headquarters in Konya, Turkey.

This was my first visit for three years and it was great to return and discover what has changed.

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