October 14, 2016

14/10/2016: Dryer tips for a more financially beneficial harvest

by Brandon Schade, Dryer specialist from Chief-Agri

Grain drying is an essential part of the grain management process that needs to be considered pre and post-harvest.

Due to the steady drop in corn prices over the last few years, many farmers and handlers have held onto their grain in hopes to find a better profit in the future.

Maintaining the moisture and the temperature of your grain as it is stored can heavily impact the length of time it can be stored; as well as its overall condition.
Continuous mixed flow grain dryers for optimal drying performance

For maintaining the optimum quality of your stored grain, Chief Agri offers innovative and dependable grain dryers for farm and commercial use. To make sure you have the drying system that is right for your operation, Chief will carefully assess your operation and find the energy efficient solution that’s right for you.
Chief currently manufactures two main types of grain dryers, these are Chief Commercial Dryers and Caldwell Dryers; with both systems relying on continuous mix flow technology to maintain optimum quality of stored grain and efficient dependable service.

Continuous Mixed-Flow Dryers are used for drying commodities such as corn, wheat, soybeans, and rice, with a reputation for durability, energy efficiency, dependable performance and advanced technology.

Caldwell Dryers
Rather than the conventional screen drying method, in the Caldwell dryers grain is gravitationally separated and continually mixed as it cascades and gently tumbles around honeycombed ducts.

The larger holding capacity results in grain being heated at a slower rate which reduces the likelihood of grain cracking due to stress. The longer exposure of the heated air to the grain results in air exhausting with a higher moisture saturation.

This system also offers greater energy efficiency

Caldwell Mixed-Flow Dryers provide 40-45 CFM (67.9 - 76.4 m3/h) of air per bushel compared to 80-100 CFM (135.9 - 169.9 m3/h) of air per bushel with conventional cross-flow dryers.

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