November 20, 2016

21/11/2016: Charity to focus millers’ attention on child nutrition

Welcome to Milling4Life (M4L), the Charitable Incorporated Organisation dedicated to the prevention and alleviation of poverty, financial hardship and malnutrition through enhanced food security from sustainable milling.

Our first project is to introduce the benefits of milling technology and practice to a wider audience on the African continent through targeted knowledge transfer.
Clifford Spencer

To further this aim the M4L team will attended the IAOM Conference at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on October 24-27, 2016.

Significant advance planning has taken place involving the African Union agency New Partnership for Africa’s Development who are providing a supporting speaker to the conference to discuss the vital subject of food security and the absolutely central role of milling to achieving this, as yet unanswered, African aspiration.

Indeed the role of milling has, to the detriment of the cause, almost been invisible in the mountain of reports published on the problem of food security.

We are also looking to boost work on indigenous African crops for milling as these crops represent the very best of currently undeveloped and unexploited genetics for the African continent.

We have had a couple of thousand years to bring wheat to its current refined market state, but only a few decades working on African equivalents, such as millet and sorghum, that are more suited to the climate and daylight length of the different climatic parts of the continent.

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