November 28, 2016

28/11/2016: Unibio successfully opens first production facility and enters commercial phase

Unibio (“Unibio” or “the Group”), a biotech company with the most advanced technology producing single cell protein from natural gas, is pleased to announce the successful opening of its first production facility based in the municipality of Kalundborg in Denmark, marking a significant milestone in the company’s development.

The opening which took place on Monday 21st November was attended by dignitaries including: Lars Chr. Lilleholt, the Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Martin Damm, the Mayor of Kalundborg with Karen Hækkerup, CEO of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council as keynote speaker and opened by HRH Prince Joachim of Denmark.

Kalundborg opening:
Henrik Busch-Larsen and HRH Prince Joachim of Denmark
Commenting at the opening, Henrik Busch-Larsen, CEO of Unibio, said: “The crucial advantage of UniProtein® is that the technology is scalable and environmentally friendly compared with fishmeal and soy protein.”

“We can produce natural protein in a plant using methane gas, and therefore the production of UniProtein® is not limited by fishing quotas or the use of pesticides, and it is weather-independent. Unibio’s technology thus provides animal feed producers access to a sustainable protein source of very high quality.”

Kalundborg opening: Henrik Busch-Larsen and HRH Prince Joachim of Denmark

 Speaking to an audience of more than 130 participants Henrik Busch-Larsen concluded his speech:

“Today is not the finishing line but we have come a long way from where we began. The road has not been straight; we have crossed mountains and valleys and even tropical islands.”

“However, our belief and optimism are intact, and we now own the most up-to-date technology in the field of bacterial fermentation, the most novel technology used to convert methane into protein, and we have a strong cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)”.

Karen Hækkerup, CEO of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, said:

“Unibio’s production plant is just one example of how we can produce nutritious and sustainable feed by combining modern technology and biological processes. In the Danish farming and food industry we are already among the most efficient in the world when it comes to using resources economically and sparing the environment. For several years we have worked on finding alternatives to soy which we import today. I hope that Unibio can contribute to replacing soy in the long term.”

In his speech at the opening ceremony H.R.H. Prince Joachim said:

“Like farming, science and research form an important part of our Danish identity. We can be proud of the knowledge which every day contributes to making Denmark a stronger, richer and better place to live. As a result the traditional farming industry must face the future hand in hand with science and technology.”

Tore Duvold, Vice President at Innovation Fund Denmark, commented:

“When two years ago Innovation Fund Denmark began to support the development of the sustainable Danish production of UniProtein®, the support involved high risk and many unknown factors. Since then a lot has happened. Unibio is now ready to upscale the production of UniProtein® by using a method that requires very little water and no pesticides, and is based on renewable energy. It holds great potential.”

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