May 31, 2017

31/05/2017: How to ensure accurate grain level measurement

Accuracy, repeatability and reliability are essential concepts in the field of level control.

Hyontrol Products

Without ensuring these key requirements are met by whichever level monitoring equipment is being deployed, producers risk running out of product (leading to production stoppages and downtime) or, worse, overfilling their storage vessels (with the risk of product loss, pollution and costly clean-ups). This is as true in the storage of grain as it is in the storage of cement, sand, sugar, or anything else from a long list of bulk products. It is therefore in the best interest of site operators and producers to firstly know how their grain will behave in the storage vessel, and secondly to utilise quality, up-to-date level monitoring equipment.

by Mark Stevenson, Hycontrol Ltd, UK

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