August 02, 2017

03/08/2017: Indo Livestock 2017 Expo and Forum 12th edition

by Peter Parker, Milling and Grain

From Wednesday – Friday, May 17-19 2017, Indonesia’s leading livestock, feed, dairy and fisheries event was held at the Grand City Convex in Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia, located in East Java, it is one of the main business hubs of the country. In discussions with event organisers I learnt that the reason why the event was bought to Surabaya and in recent years has alternated with being held in the larger and more internationally accessible Jakarta, is because of the large multitude of requests they received to support the thriving livestock industry of the region. The latter was supported in conversations I had with foriegn exhibitors, many of which attending to for the opportunity to meet with their agents and prior existing local customers.
Arya Seta Wiriadipura with supporting associations
Image credit: Milling and Grain

Arya Seta Wiriadipura, the Managing Director of PT Napindo Media Ashatama (event organisers) had the following to say, “We can be proud of the continuous efforts we all undertake to improve our expo and forum to view and be updated on some of the latest technologies and products from over 300 exhibitors from 30 countries for livestock breeders and farmers, manufacturers, veterinarians, feed millers, food processors, research institutes, packagers, and industry experts from across the region. The show hosts several seminars and more than 46 technical product presentations over the span of the three day exhibition”.

The 12th edition of Indo Livestock, offered exhibitors and attendees an opportunity to come together and discuss the challenges of the livestock-related industries listed above, creating solutions and networking with colleagues.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Ir. H. Andi Amran Sulaiman, “The livestock industry has shown tremendous improvements with interventions from the Indonesian government, especially in the livestock services. The momentum of this show will also be used to promote the campaign to increase consumption of animal proteins called SDTI, ‘Sus Daging Telar dan Ikan’ (milk, meat, egg and fish). The goal of this campaign is to encourage the awareness of all Indonesia’s people about just how important animal proteins are for improving health with good nutrition”.

Damien Chapelier, the Managing Director of Buhler Indonesia, made the following comment regarding the state of the Indonesian feed industry, “As the economy of Indonesia improves, so too do the needs of the people. Here in Indonesia people are eating more meat, more fish, and they need to grow. For Buhler Indonesia is not currently our biggest market for feed in South East Asia, but I believe it is going to be. It is this way because of the population.” 

Exhibitors networking during the opening night cocktail partyImage credit: Milling and Grain
Participation and networking opportunities
The opening day featured a cocktail evening for exhibitors, live music, and Indonesian influenced hors d'oeuvres. This set the scene for days to come and offered an opportunity for industry members to touch base in a supportive environment. While the show attracted participants from over 30 countries, the vast majority of which were from Indonesia, followed by a significant number from China.

We had an opportunity to speak with exhibitor Paul Dennis from 4B Australia, 4B had previously attended Indo-Livestock in Bali four years ago, he suggested that the show had made a big step up since their last attendance and that he was pleased with the traffic he had had through his stand.

However, he believed that a major factor in their success this time around was sharing his stand with local agents of 4B, who were able to communicate on a technical level with the Indonesian-speaking majority of visitors. A highlight of the show was a three-hour group discussion forum presented by the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Republic of Indonesia.

Awards and ceremony
Chairman of Jury Dr Desianto B. Utomo, on behalf of Indo Livestock presented a special tribute to various cities in Indonesia who had made innovative contributions and continue to support the progress of the livestock sector. He hoped that the Indo Livestock Services Award could act as a stimulus for the region to see further growth in the livestock sector.

 In the western region, the award was given to two cities, Tulungagung and Lamongan. Sumbawa received the central region award, and the eastern region award was given to Bone and Polewali Mandor. Throughout the three days there were multiple examples of the rich spiritual beliefs of the Indonesian people on display.

From a group prayer to conclude the opening ceremony on day one to a traditional dance called the Kuda Kepang, which was explained to me as a ceremony for cleansing away the bad spirits; it involved a party in costume parading each of the aisles of the exhibition hall just prior to closure.

Read the full show report, HERE.

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