August 29, 2017

30/08/2017: From Turkey, with opportunities

by Darren Parris, Milling and Grain

If you were not there, you missed a superb opportunity to do business with more than 7,000 visitors from around the globe

There was much apprehension about the seventh IDMA International Exhibition, showcasing the -Flour, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulghur, Feed Milling Machinery and Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies industries.

Traditionally IDMA has been seen as the biggest meeting platform for the grain and pulses processing industry on an international scale, the question on the May 4, 2017 was: Will it live up to its potential and maintain its dominance as a world leading expo for the milling industry? As with many exhibitions, IDMA has its doubters and this year as well as doubters IDMA had InterPack in Germany at the same time, internal political issues and Terrorism.

And we all know its times like this that the true professionalism and backbone of a show either rise to the surface or fizzle out and fail. Having spent every day at the show I can report first hand that the turnout was tremendous and the business conducted was in the multi-millions of dollars zone, so if for some reason you were not able to attend, it would be fair to say you probably missed a trick or two.

In all my years of attending Milling exhibitions in an industry worth more than 10 billion dollars, it is no exaggeration to put IDMA expo as one of the leading Milling events on the planet. And when you consider that it is only held every two years with the next taking place in 2019 it works well with supplier’s time and budget schedules.

This is my forth IDMA and one thing that separates IDMA from many other expos is the breadth of industry support that it receives, with close ties and links to over 30 industry organisation from around the globe bringing a mix of visitors from many regions especially the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

All key regions seeking development and technology in both the Food and feed milling sectors. The success of any show or exhibition should never be solely calculated by those who visit your stand or booth, we all know you have to be assertive and get out there and grab the business whilst you can.

If the level of business achieved at a show is disappointing you will always have to ask yourself, “did I do enough to go out there and grab the business”, for example you must have translators if Turkish is not your first language and you must be proactive! “Emek olmadan yemek olmaz” as they say in Turkish, “no food without labour” and at IDMA you are up against almost 250 exhibitors of which almost 90 are international, from outside Turkey. So, with 33,000sqm to walk and three halls to navigate including one hall dedicated to feed you have to be ahead of the pack.

Just the start: Opening ceremony
The four days took off with a steady flow of visitors on Day one. The opening ceremony was conducted as tradition dictates and the ribbon cut announcing the beginning of what would be four busy business days. As the visitors signed in and the various conferences got under way the opening talks took place each given by a leading dignitary from one of the many supporting global organisations.

It is this level of both Government and industry support that attracts so many international visitors to IDMA. Days two and three were extremely busy at different times in each of the three halls. With as many as 7,000 professional visitors attending at any given time.

Our own survey of many of our partners revealed that pretty much everyone had achieved some significant business with some full turnkey contracts agreed and signed in the tens of millions of dollars.

Read the full report, HERE.

Visit the IDMA website, HERE.

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