August 29, 2017

29/08/2017: Lantmännen Cerealia Oat Mill in Sweden boosts its quality analysis with ‘easy-to-use’ image analyser

by Cgrain AB, Sweden

In Milling & Grain’s 2016 December issue, we featured an article about the new Cgrain Value analysis instrument that analyses grain quality using advanced image analysis with single kernel technology

Since then, the new technology has rendered further success. The instrument has, among other things, been installed at the Lantmännen Cerealia Oat Mill in Sweden, which handles 45,000 metric tonnes of oats per year and the instrument gives the mill information that has led to savings in several steps in the production process.

Unique patented design enables full surface analysis of every kernel

Cgrain Value is an image analysis instrument that assesses grain quality on the basis of single kernel analysis in most grain. Cgrain Value currently has applications for wheat, rye, triticale, barley, oats and dehulled/naked oats.

Defects that can be analysed are for example foreign cereals, foreign matter, weed seeds, pink fusarium in barley and green (immature) kernels. In addition to the visible defects, the user furthermore receives additional statistics regarding the lot as size measurements and can be used for sieving analysis.

The instrument has a patented design with mirrors that enables almost the entire surface of every kernel to be analysed. This is especially important when looking for defects that might only be visible on part of the kernel and gives the analysis a very high repeatability.

Cgrain Value can replace the manual assessment done today. The manual analysis is highly dependent on trained personnel, is time consuming, subjective and laborious. Cgrain Value provides an objective analysis and increases the reliability of the analysis as well as releasing time from staff and provides a better work environment.

Figure 2: Robert Söderberg at Lantmännen Cerealia talking to Jaan Luup, CEO of Cgrain AB, about the benifits of using Cgrain Value.
Image credit: Cgrain AB

Users choose the analytical parameters according to the application
Depending on the use, different grain consumers value grain quality in different ways. For a certain grain handler, impurities as foreign cereals can be the most important parameter, while for another grain user, size ranges or hygienic quality are more important, while foreign grains are of lesser importance.

When replacing a manual analysis with a high tech image analysis instrument, it is important to work close to the customer to find the parameters that are important to the grain quality for the current purpose. Cgrain AB has now implemented a number of successful installations at grain facilities by close cooperation and adaptations to customers' wishes. An example of this is the Lantmännen Cerealia Oat Mill in Sweden.

Operators appreciate easy use
Installation of the instrument at Lantmännen's oat mill in Sweden took place in the fall of 2016. Here the focus has been on the assessment of foreign cereals, as well as sieving analysis. Even peeled oats are determined in oats. Additionally, there are applications for finding oats with hull left in oats after peeling.

The instrument is used today at the grain reception in the oat mill, and operator Robert Söderberg is one of the users who has been involved since the installation of the instrument. He comments how “it was easy to get started and use the instrument because Cgrain Value is easy to use and I felt that it helped me right away. You feel certain that you haven’t missed anything and know that each grain lot has had the same assessment. I am very pleased with Cgrain Value and feel that it has improved our quality analysis.”

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