August 21, 2017

21/08/2017: NRGene achieves comprehensive Italian ryegrass genome assembly

Information will significantly advance breeding efforts and lead to improved animal food supply

NRGene, a worldwide leader in genomic assembly and analysis, has provided scientists with the complete genome of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.), one of the most important forage crops in temperate regions worldwide

Image credit: Harry Rose on Flickr
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“With the complete genome, we’ll be able to more fully analyse the traits to increase the yield and nutritional quality when used for animal feed,” says Dr Bruno Studer of ETH Zurich’s department of Environmental Systems Science.

“We have decided to focus our research on biologically relevant traits rather than resource establishment that may take decades. With NRGene, we received comprehensive results within weeks, accelerating our entire research pipeline.”

The genome itself is exceptionally complex and highly repetitive. It is diploid and heterozygote, meaning each gene has two nearly identical copies. To provide a complete and accurate genome view it was essential to phase the two copies of the genome. This is not a trivial task and was previously impossible. It could only be accomplished only with DeNovoMAGICTM 3.0.

NRGene’s DeNovoMAGICTM 3.0 used Illumina reads and big data analytics to deliver the complete, phased genome in less than eight weeks. The complete phased assembly is 4.5 Gbp and an N50 of over 3 million bp.

“Constructing phased genomes for heterozygote crops is exceptionally challenging, and we are pleased to provide the ryegrass community with a top quality one,” says Dr Gil Ronen, NRGene CEO.

“The genome data will immediately be used to support the diverse genetic studies and breeding applications of this important crop.”

Visit the NRGene website, HERE.

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