September 11, 2017

11/09/2017: Global experts gather to shape protein 2030

 Experts from the whole value chain will gather at the world's largest protein platform to debate and shape a future protein agenda for Europe towards 2030 at the Bridge2Food 10th Protein Summit 2017 in Reims, France from September 27-28, 2017. 

 Protein is in the global spotlight as we strive to feed a population set to hit nine billion by 2040. 

 The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be key themes at this unique five in one Summit that brings together CEOs from consumer brands, industry and public policy leaders, research institutes and ingredient manufacturers to discuss, debate, build and shape future protein strategies focusing on innovation, circularity, climate and nutrition.

 The Summit will feature: 

 Protein 2030 Future Summit will shape a protein agenda for Europe with industry and governments working together across borders. Key speakers from Agritel (France), Green Protein Alliance (Netherlands), Protein France, German Agriculture Ministry, Donau Soja (Austria), Makery (Finland), Limagrain (France), and Puratos/EIT (Belgium). 

 Thierry Stadler, President Pole said, “By working collaboratively with key players from the food, feed, pet food, ingredient, and technology industries and throughout the protein system, we will believe that we can make the steps towards to a sustainable production and consumption in Europe and building a Protein 2030 Future agenda with impactful solutions.

 Plant-Based Foods Summit will focus on the 20-30 percent annual year-on-year growth of plant-based food markets in Europe. Consumers are shifting their diets already. What can be done to further support the increasing demand and the shift from animal to plant based protein diets. The Summit will build a European plant-based foods network focussed on growing more plant protein and Key note speakers include Kevin Brennan, Chief Executive of Quorn Foods (UK), Edwin Bark, Managing Director of Tivall Europe / Nestle (The Netherlands), Koen Bouckaert, VP Strategy Alpro (Belgium) and Wolfgang Goldenitsch CEO of Mona Group (Austria).

 “Plant-based proteins are not just one of the solutions for the planet of tomorrow, it simply is the only way to feed 9 billion people in 2025.” Says Edwin Bark Managing Director, Tivall Europe / Nestle.

High Protein Foods Summit will explore the growth of high protein in Europe. Insights, innovations and trends will be debated with a global line up including Simon Jurkiw, Bulk Powders (UK), Suzie Walker, Founder of Primal Pantry (UK), Pieter-Paul Verheggen, CEO Motivaction (The Netherlands), Dr. Tim Snijders - Ass. Prof. Maastricht University (The Netherlands), and Dr. Daniel Tome, Prof. AgriParisTech and EFSA member (France).

Protein Ingredients Summit highlights global ingredients innovations for future protein supply. Topics include strategies to tackle the future protein challenge with innovation opportunities of vegetable proteins; meat and fish proteins, insects, single cell and dairy ingredients. Leading speakers from Tereos (France), Euvepro (Belgium), ADM (The Netherlands), Calysta (USA), Danish Crown Ingredients (Denmark), ARD (France), Wageningen University (The Netherlands) and VTT Technical Research Centre (Finland).

“With growing preferences towards minimally processed, natural and wholesome products, there is huge excitement about the potential of plant-based proteins across the food industry,” Roland Snel, ADM Chamtor said, “As a result, the market is ripe with innovation and interesting trends include the shift towards whole food protein sources.” 

 Protein Processing Summit focusses on scaling up new protein technologies and future sustainability, waste, taste and texture challenges. Topics include electrostatic separation of functional food ingredients, native plant protein extraction; optimisation of protein production processing; fish protein challenge, enzymatic hydrolizing of animal by-products and new processes for lupin and malt based beverages. Led by Dr. Denis Chereau - Managing Director Improve (France) and featuring experts from Wageningen University (The Netherlands), ST Equipment and Technology (USA), Ederna (France), Algaltech (France) and BDM Keygene (The Netherlands). 

 Anne Wagner, Corporate Research and Development Director, Tereos said: “The 10th Protein Summit is a very important place to be and provide a great opportunity to network. We are all building value chains of Proteins but it can be very difficult when you are sitting in your offices or laboratories. This Summit provides an excellent place to meet, exchange information and move together along the value chain to create a real vegetable protein business for the future.”

Full list of speakers: 

 Protein 2030 Future Summit - Shaping a Protein Agenda for Europe with key speakers from: Thiery Stadler - President IAR (France), Michel Portier - Henk Schouten - CEO GoodBite/Green Protein Alliance (Netherlands), Dr. Hanns-Christoph Eiden - President Federal Office for Agriculture & Food (Germany), Antoine Peeters - Director Protein France (France), Matthias Kroen - President Donau Soja (Austria), Simon Billing - Senior Advisor Forum For the Future (United Kingdom), Gordon Bacon - CEO Pulse Canada (Canada), Bram Pareyt - Research Manager Puratos (Belgium).

 Plant-Based Foods Summit - Building an European Plant-Based Foods Network with Bernhard van Lengerich – Board member Beyond Meat (USA), Director Bridge2Food (The Netherlands), Kevin Brennan - Chief Executive Quorn Foods, Edwin Bark – Managing Director Tivall Europe / Nestle (The Netherlands), Koen Bouckaert - VP Strategy Alpro (Belgium), Wolfgang Goldenitsch - CEO Mona Group (Austria), Pieter-Paul Verheggen - CEO Motivaction (The Netherlands).

 High Protein Foods Summit - Future Growth of High Protein with Nick Morgan - Director SportsIntegrated (UK), Suzie Walker - Founder Primal Pantry (UK), Simon Jurkiw - Product Director Bulk Powders (UK), Pieter-Paul Verheggen - CEO Motivaction (The Netherlands), Dr. Tim Snijders - Ass. Prof. Maastricht University (The Netherlands), Matthew Nosworthy - Manitoba University (Canada), Dr. Daniel Tome - Prof. AgriParisTech / EFSA (France).

 Protein Ingredients Summit - New Innovations for Future Protein Supply with Dr   Anne Wagner - R&D Director Tereos (France), Dr Stacy Pyett - BDM Nizo (The Netherlands), Bruno Gehin - Board Fuvepro (France), Roland Snel - Technical Manager ADM (The Netherlands) Lori Giver - Vice President of Biological Engineering Calysta (USA), Morten Kyed - Director Technical Sales Danish Crown Ingredients (Denmark), Tarique Ariswalla - Director Protix (The Netherlands), Dr. Harri Kallioinen - Technology Manager Valio (Finland), Jim Laird - CEO 3fBio (UK), Anthony Bresin - CSO ARD (France), Dr. Atze-Jan de Groot - Prof. Wageningen University (The Netherlands), Dr. Kaisa Poutanen - Prof. VTT Technical Research Centre (Finland). 

 Protein Processing Summit - Scaling up New Protein Technologies with Dr. Denis Chereau - Managing Director Improve (France), Dr. Atze-Jan de Groot - Prof. Wageningen University (The Netherlands), Frank Hrach - VP Process Engineering ST Equipment and Technology (USA), Dr. Michel Lopez - Director Projects Improve (France), Dr. Fabrice Gascon Viladomat - CEO Ederna (France), Gary Brenner - Consultant Algaltech (France), Herco van Liere - BDM Keygene (The Netherlands).

Reims Venue
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 About the 10th Protein Summit 2017
10th Protein Summit 2017, September 26-28, 2017 (Reims, France).
A unique five in one industry summit and exhibition for business, marketing, innovation, development and research leaders. A must attend networking platform for those in the Food, Feed and Pet food industry, Protein ingredients, Technology and Research sectors, 400+ experts and 40 exhibitors enjoy four comprehensive.summits, I: Protein 2030 Summit; II: Plant-based food summit; III: High proteins foods summit; IV: Protein ingredients summit; V: Protein processing summit. 

To register to attend the event, please click here. 

 Visit the Bridge2Food website here. 

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