May 13, 2014

13/05/14: Danisco Animal Nutrition Maximizes Producers’ Profitability With Launch of Axtra® PHY and Optimize FeedTM Service at AveSui.

Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business division of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, will continue its tradition of launching industry ”firsts” that improve customer profitability by introducing its latest advanced phytase, and new value-add services at AveSui 2014.

Axtra® PHY, a unique and patented Buttiauxellaphytase, which according to Danisco "offers unprecedented digestibility and phytate destruction benefits over bacterial equivalents due to its exceptionally high and rapid activity in an animal’s upper digestive tract." In terms of benefits, this higher bio-efficacy equates to:
  • Superior cost savings of an additional ~$1.08 per metric tonne of pig feed through availability of ~20% more phosphorus (P) and calcium (Ca) earlier in the digestive process.  For poultry, the potential savings are even higher; an additional $~1.23 per metric tonne of feed. Axtra® PHY also reduces the need for costly inorganic phosphorous supplementation and balances calcium levels to support skeletal and metabolic functions.
  • Availability of ~10% additional digestible energy (and costly amino acids) to the  pig through superior phytate degradation in the upper gut. For poultry, the  percentage is ~30%, equating to an additional $1.36 per tonne of feed. 
The following value-add services will also be launched at the show:
  • The online Optimize Feed™ Service, an easy-to-use tool that enables customers to maximize profitability from use of the company’s bio-efficacious phytase products - Axtra® PHY and Phyzyme® XP - and its Betafin® natural betaine.  It uses accurate and well-researched matrix values based on animal species, diet variation, substrate levels and the age of the animal to help customers determine the right dose of phytase to maximize uptake of phosphorous and betaine to allow accurate and safe replacement of costly methionine and choline
  • A semi-quantitative Axtra® PHY FASTkit™ assay which quickly detects the presence of active Axtra® PHY phytase in the feed.

A hen chicken (Gallus gallus)
A hen chicken (Gallus gallus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In addition, Dr Roselina Angel, Associate Professor at the University of Maryland, will present evidence that Axtra® PHY offers a superior solution to the challenges caused by calcium/available phosphorus imbalance (such as skeletal and metabolic disorders) during the poultry seminar master talk at the show.

Luciana Franco, Technical Sales Manager at Danisco Animal Nutrition’s Brazilian office, commented, ”As the most advanced phytase technology on the market, Axtra® PHY can deliver superior profitability through maximum phytate destruction and nutrient digestibility.  Nutritionists can also be sure that they are using the right phytase dose to get the best results thanks to the new Optimize Feed™ Service which is based on species specific, evidence-based matrix values.”

Axtra® PHY is available in liquid and dry product forms. If a dry product form is preferred, maximum performance and ease of use is ensured through its Thermo Protection Technology (TPT) granule, ensuring heat stability up to 203°F (95°C).

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