May 14, 2014

14/05/14: Royal De Heus and VIV present unique Rijksmuseum Exposition “Food” at VIV Europe 2014

VIV Europe visitors are invited to visit a unique showpiece. Exposition “Food” has been originally presented in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum and is now temporarily located at
VIV Europe’s Centre Court, the main entrance area of the exhibition. Photographer Henk Wildschut has captured modern food production in a series of pictures not only to capture the momentum but also to educate.

This exposition, made possible by Royal De Heus and VIV, is a good platform to inform those who genuinely interested in food production and innovation.

Innovation instead of nostalgia
Wildschut: “When photographing food, I noticed that modern, large-scale production techniques do not necessarily lead to a deterioration of animal well-being, as is often assumed. And organic is not always as small-scale as we might imagine.” To his opinion, solutions to problems regarding environment, health and well-being can be found in innovation, not in nostalgia. “Pure and honest food is not only reserved to local small-scale farmers who know all their animals by name. Modern production methods are not as idyllic as the general public would like. This has everything to do with ignorance and poor information. The food we now see on our plates is bred, cultivated and grown in modern laboratories.”

Inform and educate consumers
Exposition “Food” has been made possible by Royal De Heus and VIV. For over 100 years De Heus has been a partner to the agricultural sector. By working side by side with
customers and partners in the agricultural sector, De Heus knows what drives and motivates farmers. “Our customers, the livestock farmers, are very much aware of their role and responsibilities in the food chain. We think it is a joint responsibility of our industry and farmers to inform and educate consumers about how we produce food nowadays and making clear we are doing so in a sustainable way.” 

Open communication
VIV Europe‘s Project Manager Ruwan Berculo emphasizes to value sincere and open communication about practices in animal husbandry, notably outside our sector.  “Consumers, politicians, general news reporters:  many still judge without knowing the facts. I strongly feel the need to invest as a sector in strengthening the support within the society for sustainable intensive production of milk, eggs, meat and fish. Proper, fact-based information is required. This exposition serves to do just that.” He elaborates: “Politicians have confirmed their visit and with the Romijn Lecture scheduled for Tuesday May 20, we can also expect editors from public media. Last but not least, Henk Wildschut has made a collection of beautiful pictures. The collection is a feast to visit, also for all industry professionals worldwide who will attend VIV Europe 2014.“

VIV Europe 2014 is a European trade show based on the 'Feed to Meat' principle. This event is set to become the World Expo for animal husbandry & processing and included the sectors of Poultry Meat, Eggs, Pig Meat, Calve Meat, and Dairy. VIV Europe is held from May 20 - 22, 2014 in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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