July 16, 2015

16/07/2015: FAMSUN's service team help with maintenance of Vietnam project

On September 16, 2008, FAMSUN launched its first Meet-the-Experts Global Program. 

On December 12, 2014, the service team visited local feed manufacturing companies in Vietnam and helped with the maintenance of feed processing equipment and training of production personnel so that all the equipment can deliver high efficiency performance at peak production times. The service team comprised key members from FAMSUN's platform company in Chengdu, from service centres and the marketing department. 

The team first visited the plant of New Hope Group in Hanoi. Hardly had the service team arrived when the operator of the crusher in the workshop rushed to ask the experts for help with the crusher, the output of which was lower than standard capacity. Experts conducted a comprehensive check to locate the problem. It was found that the crusher's screen had been installed the wrong way round, and this was causing the lower output. The service team stayed with the operator to ensure the machine was functioning normally. From nine p.m. to four a.m. the next morning, the output of the crusher increased from seven tons to 12 tons.


Having finished the assistance work in Hanoi, the team then moved on to the south, where they were warmly greeted by the southern region director of the New Hope Group. The director said that the majority of their workers were Vietnamese who were not familiar with the operation of the equipment and that they were looking forward to having their staff trained. 

Focusing on the problems the production line workers ran into, the team of experts paid attention to how the workers felt about the equipment and their demands. On-site troubleshooting of the equipment and training were conducted. After an on-the-spot investigation, the experts prepared for the production line workers a course on the improvement of feed production management and the use, management and maintenance of equipment. Experts also answered questions raised by the workers they encountered during production and made maintenance plans for all the equipment. 

As one of the first feed machinery manufacturers 'going out,' more than a decade's development has witnessed FAMSUN rise to become a conglomerate with 10 branch companies and 44 branch offices around the globe; there are now 105 countries where FAMSUN's products can be found. FAMSUN has been following its global strategy to meet global demand.
To begin with, R&D institutes such as the Nanjing Research institute, the Danish Research institute, and the Research Institute of Kansas have been established, constituting an integrated platform spanning three continents. In 2013, the production base invested by FAMSUN in Egypt was approved, marking the first step of its globalisation of production bases, from where FAMSUN will push on by making expansion projects into South America, India, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Thirdly, FAMSUN's global marketing network has seen the establishment of branch companies and offices in more than 50 countries including Russia, Brazil and India, to name just a few.

The FAMSUN service team completes the integration of research, production and marketing to respond to customers' demands as fast as possible.

The service area of the expert team covers more than 3000 kilometers.

Visit the FAMSUN site HERE.

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