July 28, 2015

28/07/2015: It's not a milestone but the Global Miller demonstrates its growing prowess again

Thank you for reading a leading blog serving the milling industry globally.

Your visits are most welcome and contribute to our growing reach, on a daily and monthly basis, to those working in and around the milling industry.

To demonstrate just how relevant we have become to industry followers I've snap-shot our Google statistic's page and presented it below. It shows that in June we fell just short of reaching 30,000 unique visits and July showed we we still over 20,000. We're on target to finish the month again on over 20,000 views. Overall we have recorded - on a rolling month basis - 646,000 views.

Our blog is now accounting for approximately 25 percent of all views of Milling and Grain content! It's a great way to be seen by industry - both in the stories we publish and the advertisers we promote.

We scour the world for milling news on a daily basis and publish the best of it here and in the magazine, much of it our own content. If you would like to feature in one of our stories just contact us with your news. Of course to claim one of our coveted advertising spaces, you must be an advertisers in our magazine.  

Snap-shot taken at 19:45 on July 28, 2015

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