July 23, 2015

23/07/2015: DuPont Partners discuss the impact of gut health on the poultry on our plates

Image: Bernard Spragg. NZ
Danisco Animal Nutrition, a division of Dupont Industrial Biosciences, has brought together a team of experts to help answer the question of how a bird’s gut health can impact the quality and quantity of the poultry on our plates. The symposium has been entitled 'From egg to plate – The influence of gut health', and will be held at the Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky, USA, Tuesday, 28th July 2015.
  • 'Preparing for the Food Safety Modernisation Act at the Feed Mill' – Dr Henry Turlington, Director of Quality & Manufacturing Regulatory Affairs at American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), will outline what FSMA means in practical terms for live operations and how it will affect day-to-day activities.
  • 'Laying the Right Foundation: Getting Your Birds Off to a Healthy Start' – Dr Suzanne Dougherty, Consulting Poultry Veterinarian, will explore the influence that intensive live production can have on gut health from hatch to finish.
  • 'Back to the future: Cocci management going forward' – Dr Charles L Hofacre, Professor and Director of Clinical Services at the Department of Avian Medicine, University of Georgia, will discuss management of coccidia without ionophores and the effect this has on gut health.
  • 'The Impact of Nutrition on Gut Health' – Dr Peter Plumstead, Associate Professor, Monogastric Nutrition at the University of Pretoria, will outline how the strategic use of feed additives can help tackle microbial imbalance.
  • 'Controlling the Unknown' – Dr Arturo Tanus, Director of Technical Services at Butterball, LLC, will provide insight into live production effects on needed plant interventions.

Dr Janet Remus, Technical Services Director at Danisco Animal Nutrition, commented, “We hope that bringing together experts from all areas of gut health will help poultry industry professionals gain a better understanding of how management and nutrition can influence healthy bird performance from the outset. We will also be delivering a record number of abstracts and posters this year – 11 on gut health related topics as well as phytase and betaine posters.”

Visit the Danisco Animal Nutrition site HERE.

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