July 31, 2015

31/07/2015: Scientists discover new GMO rice that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

(As reported by Guneet Bhatia on www.ibtimes.com


Even though rice is the staple food of a majority of the world's population, it has also led to an increase in atmospheric methane, a greenhouse gas. In an attempt to provide a solution to the problem, an international team of scientists has created a new variety of genetically modified rice that can help reduce the methane emissions from rice paddies.

A team of scientists from the US Department of Energy (DOE), Sweden's University of Agricultural Sciences, and China's Hunan Agricultural University and Fujian Academy collaborated develop the GMO rice by introducing a new gene. 

The researchers claim that cultivation of the new variety will produce rice paddies that yield no methane!

During development of the genetically modified rice, named SUSIBA2, the researchers introduced a single barley gene into the genome of the common rice. 

According to the researchers, the resultant rice starves off methane-producing bacteria in the soil. Therefore, when grown, it is able to better feed its leaves, stems and grains, resulting in a superior-quality rice variety.

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