July 30, 2015

30/07/2015: AFIA honors ruminant and non-ruminant experts with annual awards


Left to right: Mike Tokach excitedly receives the Non-ruminant Animal Nutrition Award from Justin Bundy, Bill Barr & Company, during ASAS-ADSA Joint Annual Meeting
Mike Tokach, PhD, a professor and state leader of Extension at Kansas State University, and Galen Erickson, PhD, an animal science professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, were honored earlier this month for their professional achievements by the American Feed Industry Association and American Society of Animal Science (ASAS).

Justin Bundy, PhD, of Bill Barr & Company, on behalf of AFIA, awarded Professor Tokach the Non-ruminant Animal Nutrition Award during the ASAS-American Dairy Science Association Joint Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. Professor Tokach focuses primarily on swine nutrition research and relaying his data to swine producers.

"With Mike's experience growing up on a livestock farm and his position with the Extension, he is able to connect on a first-hand basis with swine producers and help assess their various issues and find resolutions," said Richard Sellers, AFIA senior vice president of legislative and regulatory affairs.

More than US$8 million in grants and gifts to Kansas State University have been generated to support swine nutrition efforts under the advisement of Professor Tokach and his colleagues. In 2005, Professor Tokach was named one of 50 people in the last 50 years who have had the greatest impact on the swine industry by National Hog Farmer. Professor Tokach has co-authored more than 200 referred journal papers, 470 abstracts, 680 Extension publications and field day reports, and six book chapters.

Professor Tokach earned his bachelor's degree in animal science at North Dakota State University, master's degree in swine nutrition at Kansas State University and doctorate in swine nutrition at the University of Minnesota.

L to R: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professor Galen Erickson poses with Cathy Bandyk, Westway Feed Products, after being presented the Ruminant Animal Nutrition Award
Cathy Bandyk, PhD, of Westway Feed Products, on behalf of AFIA, awarded Professor Erickson the Ruminant Animal Nutrition Award during the ASAS-ADSA Joint Annual Meeting. Professor Erickson holds a post at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, teaching for more than a decade in the areas of beef feedlots and the Nebraska cattle industry. 

"Thus far, he has garnered more than US$6 million in grants to support his research efforts in ruminant nutrition," said Sellers.

Among other achievements, Professor Erickson was awarded the ASAS Early Career Achievement Award in 2009, and has had more than 90 journal articles published, 276 extension reports, 269 meeting abstracts and five book chapters.

Professor Erickson earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Iowa State University-Ames, and Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The awards are sponsored by AFIA as part of its continuing awards program that dates back to 1948. The ruminant and non-ruminant awards were an addition to the overall awards program in 1998.

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