September 08, 2015

08/09/2015: New innovations showcased at the 6th GrainTech India 2015 Exhibition

The Bühler Group, a global leader in grain processing equipment and food processing machines, participated in the 6th Edition of GrainTech 2015 at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bangalore, India. The company had a large stall, measuring 120 square metres, with a wide range of new products on display for the food processing industry.

Products such as the PesaMill™ - a new innovative solution for the Atta Milling process -, the SmartSnax™ single-screw extruder, YJT W DualVision™  optical colour sorters, the RollDetect service for profile measurement of corrugated (fluted) rolls, the NIR Multi online analyser for real time analysis of raw material and finished product, the online colour and speck measurement unit for continuous online checking of product colour and specks in flour and semolina, and online particle size measurement.

Bühler’s Atta process with PesaMill™ is the first industrial process technology for the production of Atta flour with a completely authentic taste under perfect hygienic conditions. With this fully integrated all-round process, just one PesaMill™ can replace as many as twenty traditional chakki mills – with a whole load of further advantages: higher yield, reduced energy consumption and the possibility of producing several types of flour qualities in the same plant.   

Lower energy consumption
Thanks to effective, integrated and energy-efficient process technology, by using one PesaMill™ rather than a lot of isolated traditional stone mills you can save up to 10 percent of the energy costs.

Greater flexibility in production
PesaMill™ provides the basis for flexibly adjusting the properties of the flour to individual requirements. Starch damage, water absorption and granulation can be simply and swiftly adjusted for different types of flour qualities (eg North Indian Atta, South Indian Atta etc.).

Maximum food safety
The use of high-compression steel rolls rather than stones for milling means that hygiene standards are very much higher. Contamination by stone abrasion or chemicals becomes a thing of the past.

Protected investments

Thanks to innovative technology and a robust design backed up by the highest standards of manufacturing quality, the Bühler Atta process with PesaMill™ guarantees a long service life and the best possible protection for your investment.

Reduced operating costs

In traditional stone mills, the millstones need to be redressed or replaced frequently. Not so the PesaMill™. Hence downtimes are minimised, productivity is raised and the system can operate reliably 24/7. Following a power outage, the machine can resume operations immediately – without any loss of product quality.

The advantages of the Atta process with PesaMill™:

  • Higher yield
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved food safety
  • More flexible production processes
  • Less maintenance required
  • Lower operating costs
SmartSnax™ is a powerful single-screw extruder, able to process a variety of raw materials including corn grits and rice grits. The controls available on the machine allow our customers to easily adjust final product parameters like density, texture, surface finish, etc. Bühler offers a range of screws, barrels and die plates as options to its customers in order to process a variety of shapes and recipes using the same extruder.

The process expertise for direct expanded snacks by single-screw extrusion is now available in India. Bühler’s expanded (DX) snack processing solutions present an effective, reliable, safe and operator-friendly system for snack processing of the highest quality and suitable to local needs and tastes.


  • Food-safe design
  • Wear- and corrosion-resistant working elements - screw, barrel and dies
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Easy controls 

Bühler's YJT W DualVision Color sorter offers simultaneous light and dark sorting on up to 7 chutes for high processing capacities. The YJT W DualVision is targeted to give processors of pulses, spices and sesame seeds advanced performance at an affordable price.

When combined with LED lighting, this optical sorter improves the level of sorting performance, provides better plant efficiency, and saves on manpower costs.

The YJT W DualVision is the natural choice for processors of pulses, spices and sesame seeds who are looking for stable and consistent high performance, with the flexibility for multi-product sorting at an affordable price.

  • Simultaneous light and dark sorting
  • Flexibility for multiple products
  • High capacity and consistent product quality
  • Trusted Bühler design and reliability
  • Balanced and stable performance
RollDetect Service
The RollDetect service informs the operator on the optimal time to change grinding rolls. Currently, knowing when to change corrugated rolls is determined based on the flour miller’s experience and intuition. The innovative RollDetect measuring unit enables the corrugation profile to be graphically displayed and its wear to be evaluated. This provides the head miller with data that can be combined with experience. The timing for roll changes determined by RollDetect is key to achieving a high product yield and reducing operating costs.

  • Energy savings 
  • Optimisation of product yield
  • Potential for precise planning of roll changes
NIR Multi online Analyser – MYRG
Real time analysis of the raw material and end product at different measuring points, allowing smart and continuous control of ongoing production – this is the true strength of the NIR Multi online Analyser MYRG. With the latest Bühler NIR generation, one spectrometer evaluates up to 6 different measuring points.

The NIR Multi Online Analyser MYRG is distinguished by its durability and reliability. Only the measurement probe is located in the production environment. The control cabinet provides ideal protection of the optical and electronic components.

The scope of supply of the NIR Multi Online Analyser includes pre-calibrated applications such as protein, moisture, ash content, starch damage, wet gluten and water absorption.

Main benefits:
  • Reliable and reproducible measurement results
  • Hardware is not affected by dust, temperature nor vibrations
  • Compact and flexible installation, e.g. directly on the gravity spouting 
Online colour and speck measurement unit – MYHB
The unit allows continuous online checking of the product color and specks in ongoing flour and semolina production. It thus ensures early detection of even the subtlest colour deviations, contamination and sieve ruptures so as to ensure top product quality. The probe and its results can be combined with those from Multi NIR online Analyser MYRG at any time.

Main benefits:
  • Reproducible product quality
  • Continuous monitoring of colour and specks
  • Reduced lab testing requirements
  • Traceability of production due to complete documentation
Online particle size measurement – MYTA: Real-time granulation measurement

Whether during the various grinding processes of a flour mill or while monitoring the material being ground on a hammer mill. The exact knowledge if the particle size distribution is crucial for the quality and consistency of the end product.

This measurement system is suitable for continuous particle size measurement (PSM) in the range of 10 – 5000 microns. The online PSM combines laser diffraction and image processing in a system capable of determining the particle size distribution of the ground material during an ongoing process.

Main benefits:
  • Real-time monitoring of grinding processes and product granulation
  • Finished products with a consistent particle size distribution
  • Measurement results are directly comparable to the traditional sieve method
  • Detection of oversize processes

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