September 18, 2015

18/09/2015: Flour milling specialist joins faculty
Kansas State University graduate Jason Watt joins the faculty of the grain science and industry department and the IGP Institute as the Buhler instructor of milling.

Mr Watt holds a bachelor’s degree from K-State in milling science and management. Upon graduation he worked as the head miller for ConAgra Mills and saw it through its transition to Ardent Mills. He was also involved in food safety and employee training. Mr Watt returned to the university in August 2015 to begin his instructor position.

“Jason brings a wealth of experience, youthful enthusiasm and real world credibility that will be beneficial to his teaching and our students,” says Gordon Smith, grain science department head and director of the IGP Institute.

Teaching upper level undergraduate courses and co-leading the Buhler-KSU trainings is the primary focus of Mr Watt’s responsibilities.

“Through my experiences, I’ve gained an understanding of how milling principles are the same across various equipment manufacturers. I am anxious to share my knowledge with undergraduate students as well as industry professionals,” Mr Watt says.

As he looks ahead, Mr Watt hopes to build on the strengths of the program and help it grow.

“I look forward to helping generations of millers prepare for the industry that awaits them through innovative teaching methods,” Mr Watt says.

He adds, “I also hope our industry professionals will be excited about working with the graduates who will be joining them.”

Along with the undergraduate teaching, Mr Watt will lead the training efforts with Buhler, Inc through the IGP Institute. Several Buhler-KSU courses are offered throughout the year including classes for expert millers and milling executives.

“Through the Buhler-KSU courses, industry professionals are able to continue their education for life-long learning, which brings tangible benefits to their employers,” Mr Smith says.

He adds, “Jason’s recent industry experience and direct connection to the grain science and industry department is an asset in adult education.”

Along with the offerings in flour milling and grain processing, the IGP Institute provides educational opportunities in the areas of feed manufacturing and grain quality management, and grain marketing and risk management. To learn more about the IGP Institute, visit the website HERE.

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