September 22, 2015

22/09/2015: Satake's optical sorter demonstrates great success amid the coffee boom in Taiwan to quality improvement, and installations inside cafes

Taiwan is in the midst of a coffee boom! In order to meet the desire for high quality coffee, the number of coffee companies wanting to install optical sorters is on the rise. This is where Satake comes in.
Annual consumption of coffee beans per head in Taiwan increased by 1.73 times from 0.55kg in 2004 to 0.95kg in 2013 (FAO). Cafes continue to open one after another in the capital Taipei in response to this coffee explosion.  

Coffee traders who own coffee-houses import premium coffee beans in order to serve such specialty coffees to their customers. In order to ensure product quality they have turned to using optical sorters. 
There are two applications for coffee bean sorting: for green coffee beans and for roasted coffee beans. Green coffee beans are mainly sorted to remove insect-damaged beans and foreign materials such as stones.
Roasted coffee beans are sorted to remove any non-uniformly roasted beans. By sorting coffee beans in such a manner using optical sorters, coffee-houses can serve coffee that is both safe and of high quality whilst customers can relax and enjoy coffee that is rich in aroma and taste.

The Satake Pika-sen α (alpha) small-scale optical sorter has a rated capacity of 1 ton per hour. It is increasingly being employed by coffee traders and coffee-houses, because the volumes traded of specialty coffee beans are much smaller than that of middle-level coffee beans.
The Pika-sen α is highly regarded by the industry for various reasons - confidence in its Japanese reliability, its user-friendliness and also its affordability.
More and more coffee-houses are installing a Pika-sen α (alpha) in their cafes. Consumers in Taiwan are particularly aware of food safety. Sorting the coffee beans on the spot, in front of customers in the cafe helps create a favourable impression that their coffee is certain to be both safe and high in quality.

Satake responds to customers' various sorting requirements including rice, wheat, beans and nuts both domestically and internationally.

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