September 16, 2015

16/09/2015: Global stats: Industry growth

First published in Milling and Grain, June 2015

When grouped into regions, Africa and Latin America saw the greatest growth in 2014. Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East all showed a slight incline.

Several individual countries can be highlighted as bright spots of growth and development. Among them were Turkey, Indonesia, Romania, Tunisia and Bolivia, all of which experienced their second consecutive year of significant increase in feed production.

Ruminant Highlights 

  • 2014 feed tonnage: 195.63 million metric tons
  • 2013 feed tonnage: 195.6 million metric tons
  • 0.02 percent increase
  • Ruminant feed production makes up 20% of the total livestock feed production globally
  • Europe is the leading ruminant feed producer; North America is #2
  • Ruminant feed production was UP in Africa, Asia, and Latin America; Down in Europe, North America, and the Middle East
  • Top Ruminant issues in 2014: Antibiotic free
Latin America Highlights 
  • 3,914 feed mills
  • 2014 feed tonnage: 144.84 million metric tons
  • 2013 feed tonnage: 139.22 million metric tons
  • 4.0 percent increase (This increase makes it the 2nd fastest growing region this year.)
  • A few countries were UP – Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina
  • Poultry is by far the leading species in Latin America (77 million metric tons)
  • Ruminant #2 (27 million metric tons)
  • Latin America produces 8 million metric tons of Aqua feed

Points of Interest 
  • All species were UP in AFRICA, despite the fact that this region had the HIGHEST prices on raw ingredients for feed
  • Africa was the only region to see an increase in production for all species
  • Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America all saw an increase in the number of feed mills. North America had the biggest jump, adding 1,054 mills in the year. The Middle East saw a decrease in the number of feed mills
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