September 25, 2015

25/09/2015: 66th JTIC International International Milling and Cereal Industries Show, 4-5 November 2015, Paris
On 4-5 November 2015, JTIC will hold a two-day event dedicated to cereal industry professionals at the Paris Event Centre at Porte de la Villette.
A meeting in a new and more spacious setting, but organised as always: the event will feature an exhibition welcoming more than 100 exhibitors, service providers and suppliers of products and equipment, and 4 half-days of plenary conferences. 

About the conferences

Biorefining, the use of air in our industries, R&D in fine pastry and baking – The JTIC program aims at sharing scientific, technical and strategic expertise and advances, to enlighten cereal industry professionals. A JTIC partner, Arvalis Plant Institute will present, as it does every year, its view of the latest harvest in terms of technological quality of the grain. It will also explore the likely direction of future research projects.!home/c1i35
Image: Roman Boed
Session 3: This year’s wheat quality, orchestrated by the Arvalis Plant Institute - 5 November, morning 
A roundup of the exceptional 2015 soft wheat harvest, with record-breaking volumes exceeding 40 Mt, all considered good quality. That’s what JTIC is proposing to sketch out with a panoramic overview of the global market and an update on the technological quality of the harvest. The varieties are inspected under a magnifying glass and the characteristics of the harvest deciphered.

Protein content, specific weight, Hagberg Falling Number, productivity, and adaptation to global warming...

Research is working to improve varieties. Which means valuable progress towards meeting new social expectations, through the more efficient use of nitrogen additives, for example, but also commercial imperatives such as adapting to the demands of the domestic market as well as to export opportunities. A theme that will be developed by France Export Céréales, presenting its own experience of the expectations of key importing countries.

Also on the agenda:

  • Session 1: Air control and treatment in the cereal industries 
  • Session 2: Milling and Biorefining, orchestrated by INRA 
  • Session 4: Innovations in industrial baking: stakes and challenges of tomorrow
New: a Business Incubator area
Aemic is committed to giving young entrepreneurs a helping hand. To support them in their first steps and boost their visibility, the Association is offering a handful of them a shared space in the exhibition hall, which they can use to present their activities and meet potential prospects. The selected businesses are all less than two years old and are supported by Aemic members.

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