April 01, 2016

01/04/2016: Ag Journal: Wheat rust watch starts early

Image: IAEA Imagebank
A mild winter coupled with ample rains across the Southern Plains could set the stage for another year of heavy foliar disease infestations in the winter wheat crop, writes Candace Krebs for the Ag Journal.

Stripe and leaf rust are fresh on farmers’ minds after last summer, when infestations were heavy even in areas like central Colorado where rust outbreaks are usually quite rare. The two diseases are similar, with stripe rust favoring cool temps and leaf rust more prevalent in hot, humid conditions.

According to reports from agronomists, rust spores have overwintered in several regions further north than normal, aided in part by the mild winter.

Some rust spores have even managed to survive in Colorado, although that’s due to a unique situation, according to Kirk Broders, plant pathologist at Colorado State University.

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