July 11, 2018

12/07/2018: Technology and a younger generation

by Roger Gilbert, Publisher of Milling and Grain

Technology continues to drive industry ahead at a rapid pace. And flour milling is no exception, despite many milling companies still operating equipment perfectly well after more than half-a-century of running some equipment 24 hours-a-day, and up to seven days-a-week.

While we value new developments and look constantly to upgrade and replace equipment to achieve greater yield and efficiency, we might not be placing the same emphasis on our milling staff.

Are young people interested in milling? Are they aware of the opportunities milling may offer as they pass through school and university? The answer is often, and sadly, no.

However, there are sound and practical reasons for companies to look to younger staff; not just in terms of staff replacement, but to continue the forward progress and direction of their companies. With a healthy attitude towards new technology – especially those in the digital realm – a company is able to rise to the increasing challenge coming from a variety of sources in a competitive environment where consumer satisfaction, food price, product quality and food safety are constantly having to be addressed by the wider milling sector worldwide.

Leading the way with young millers
Malaysia’s biggest flour milling company just got better and modern technology and youth have played their role in bringing this about.

On a recent visit to view the newly-built Bühler flour mill at FFM Berhad Group’s ‘FFM Grains and Mills Sdn Bhd’ complex on Kawasan Lembaga Palabuhan, Pasir Gudang, in southern Malaysia, we met with Dr Liew Kai Wah, the project engineer at the company and who was part of the team in the construction of FFM’s new ‘D Mill’ which has a capacity of 500 tonnes per day.

Dr Liew worked together with a team of younger millers at the ‘FFM Grains and Mills’ factory, that was guided by a project committee and led by a project director. He saw in the commissioning of the new plant at the turn of the year on a site which has a feedmill and storage capacity for over 76,000 tonnes of grains.

MAG also met with the flour production team, headed by Mr Ley of FFMGM along with Ley Choong Mun the Production Manager, Flour Division and Heng Ek Chee, Assistant Production Manager, Flour Division who all stood in for the company’s General Manager Mr Thing Chee Tiong in his absence on the day Milling and Grain visited in mid-April this year.

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