July 15, 2018

16/07/2018: Turning fuel into food, rather than food into fuel

by Unibio, Denmark

The world needs sustainable solutions to overcome the food challenges of the 21st century.

Therefore, we do need to figure out how we can feed the growing world population when agriculture land per capita is decreasing and how we can produce more protein in a sustainable way without polluting our planet. 

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Unibio is a Danish biotech company founded in 2001. Its main focus is to supply solutions to the challenge of protein scarcity in an eco-friendly way while addressing the environmental issues of overfishing, deforestation, use of pesticides and fertilisers, exhaustion of farm lands and water resources. Unibio has unique competencies within fermentation technologies allowing a highly scalable production of protein with the use of methanotroph bacteria. Methane is converted into the highly concentrated bacterial protein meal, Uniprotein, in an environmentally friendly manner with a minimum use of energy and water.

Since the foundation, Unibio’s goal has been to provide the world with innovative sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of a growing global population and sustained growth in living standards, which have increased the global demand for fish and meat for human consumption. With the use of Unibio’s biotechnological innovations the company is able to decouple protein production from the fluctuating and limited agricultural sector and the volatile fishing industries.

Thus, a change in the protein value chain occurs where proteins can be produced by the bioindustry as feed for animals, and cropland can be used to produce food for humans instead of feed for animals.

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