July 30, 2018

31/07/2018: Nutriad draws presidential interest at Indo Livestock 2018

Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad participated in the three day 2018 Indo Livestock exposition & forum in Jakarta (Indonesia) earlier this month. Nutriad was visited by no less than the President of Indonesia, His Excellency President Joko Widodo, who showed great interest in the application of specialty feed additives as part of a strategy to reduce, and in time eliminate, the use of Antibiotic Growth Promoters.

President Widodo with Dr Chutaemil Marom, Nutriad Country Manager-Indonesia, Dr Glenn Alfred S. Ferriol, Nutriad Area Manager Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, and Mr Herman Widjaja, Director – PT. Kalbe
Image credit: Nutriad

Erik Visser, CEO, Nutriad mentioned that, “Whether one believes that agricultural use of antibiotics in livestock production has fostered an environment that spawns antibiotic resistant super bugs or that excessive prescribing of antibiotics in human medicine has dealt us the same fate, our industry must take steps to mitigate the potential of a looming healthcare crisis. Our continuous research on gut health and joint approach with customers and universities around the world, confirms Nutriad’s commitment to the industry.”

Read the full article on the Milling and Grain website, HERE.

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