July 30, 2018

31/07/2018: BIOMIN submits EU Dossier for Digestarom® DC as zootechnical feed additive in broilers

The innovative feed additive firm marks another milestone in the global rollout of the new phytogenic feed additive by applying for additional zootechnical status in the EU.

Following a successful start to a global launch, BIOMIN submitted a dossier for the EU authorisation of Digestarom® DC, a phytogenic feed additive (PFA), for zootechnical status based on its ability to improve the performance parameters of broilers.

Focus on broilers
Efficiently converting feed into broiler meat is crucial. “Phytogenics can play an important role in maintaining feed intake, improving digestibility and ultimately supporting enhanced feed conversion,” explained Michael Noonan, Global Director Phytogenics at BIOMIN. “For poultry producers, improved feed efficiency translates into lower production costs, better margins and reduced ammonia emissions that support profits and sustainability,” added Mr Noonan.

Read the full article on the Milling and Grain website, HERE.

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