July 17, 2018

18/07/2018: A new accessible and agile digital era in agriculture

by Tagarno, Denmark

As a business it is naturally important to always look out for smarter ways of doing things, and by digitalising processes the advantages of adding new technology can be overwhelming.

Being able to properly view and handle the small grains will inevitably mean increased quality and productivity, vouching for more and better analysis and work processes.

A digital microscope can be a valuable tool to create these digitalised changes. And with the introduction of the new generation of digital systems, you get the ability to regularly update the microscope with new features to fit with future needs.

This means the end of investing in expensive equipment which is updated the next day and replacing it with agile technology that has the ability to adapt the technology of tomorrow. Also, the digital microscope combines the product quality of a traditional and often expensive optical microscope with the affordability and user-friendliness of cheaper alternative solutions.

A new perspective on grain analysis
A new perspective on grain analysis, with a wide range of profitable benefits to the user, can be provided by user-friendly digital solutions such as the new digital microscope called Trend from Tagarno.

The digital microscope provides you with a magnified and digital live view of your grain sample on a monitor. The tangible return of using this kind of equipment as a part of your analysis work is the ability to perform a higher number of analyses and create a better and well documented result not to mention time saved in the process.

This is partly due to the improved collaboration to ensure the quality and quickly generate high quality documentation as well as frequently updating the microscope to fit with your current and future needs.

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