January 09, 2013

09/01/13: Canadian Grains Act overhaul; Thai fragrant rice; Pancosma staff

  • Yesterday we reported that Thailand is no longer the world's largest rice exporter. Today we learn that the country is also in danger of being toppled from the top spot as a fragrant jasmine rice exporter. Over the past decade, Thailand has faced fierce competition in the fragrant rice market from countries such as Vietnam, China and Laos. In fact, in the last 10 years, Thailand's market share of fragrant rice exports has dropped from 80-90 percent to that figure. The Nation pinpoints distorted prices and neglect by farmers as the causes behind the drop. Read more...
  • In the first review since the 1990s, the federal government in Canada has announced changes to the Canada Grain Act. Fundamental changes in the industry over the last 20 years means changes are necessary. For example, the number of primary elevators in Canada decreased to 344 in 2012 from 976 in 1999. Read more...
  • Pancosma has expanded its marketing team by appointing an additional product manager, Dr Sven Brenner. Dr Brenner is not new at Pancosma. In fact, he started working in 2007 in Pancosma as area sales manager for Southern Germany and Austria. His responsibilities expanded progressively to include the additional management of Scandinavia with Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. After six years of success in this position Dr. Brenner was promoted to the position of Product Manager for the well-known XTRACT® product range. He will be in charge of the development and promotion of this product range worldwide by establishing R&D projects and developing effective sales strategies.

Rice grains
Rice grains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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