January 23, 2013

23/01/13: FAO stats on Armenian crop production, rising wheat prices in India, Cargill beef plant to close

The FAO has released a report into food production in Armenia. We haven't featured Armenia on the blog much in the past so I thought I'd share the key points of this story. 
Crop production increased by around nine percent in 2012 and prospects for 2013 winter cereal crops are favourable. 
The cereal import requirement of the country is expected to decrease by 16 percent in the 2012/13 marketing year (July/June) compared to the previous year. However, the country is still heavily dependent on cereal imports, mainly wheat. 
Prices of staples, wheat flour and bread, increased steadily in the second half of 2012 and reached record levels in November. The increase mainly reflects higher prices in the regional export markets, as the country imports some 60 percent of its wheat consumption requirements.

Wheat flour crisis hits garrison city, Rawalpindi, India as 20kg bags of the flour hit Rs800 against the official rate of Rs670.
As a result, the prices of roti, bread and rusk have gone up despite the City District Government Rawalpindi (CDGR)’s claim that there was no shortage of wheat flour or an increase in the prices. Last week, the CDGR increased the price of the 20kg wheat flour bag from Rs618 to Rs670 but the retailers refused to accept it and fixed the price at Rs800.

A Cargill beef processing plant in Texas, USA is to close on February 1, 2013 due to dwindling cattle supply. The Plainview, Texas facility has come under pressure after years of drought in Texas and Southern Plains states.
John Keating, president of Cargill Beef says, "Increased feed costs resulting from the prolonged drought, combined with herd liquidations by cattle ranchers, are severely and adversely contributing to the challenging business conditions we face as an industry.  Our preference would have been not to idle a plant.”
Approximately 2,000 people work at the plant, and they will receive company support. 

English: Makai de Roti, Corn flour Roti
English: Makai de Roti, Corn flour Roti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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