January 17, 2013

17/01/13: HGCA reports online and a novel use for puffed wheat

For those interested in growing crop, presentations from the recent HGCA SRUC Workshops are available to download here. With topics including, disease threats in cereals and disease management in barley, there's lots of great information to sift through.

Evey wondered how to make beer from Sugar Puffs? Well wonder no more. This article on the Guardian shows you how it's done. The idea isn't as crazy as it might sound. Although barley is the most commonly used cereal for beer making, wheat beer is growing in popularity. So why not try puffed wheat, aka, Sugar Puffs next time you get brewing.

English: wheat beer Deutsch: Weizenbier
English: wheat beer Deutsch: Weizenbier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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