January 28, 2013

Event: World millers are looking forward to IDMA

IDMA Exhibition, the most important meeting platform of the world milling industry, is preparing to bring world millers together for the fifth time in Istanbul Expo Center on April 4-7, 2013. It is expected that the exhibition in 2013 will be visited by more than 10,000 professionals from 120 different countries.
Mrs Zübeyde Kavraz, the General Manager of Parantez Fair Organization Company that continued its preparations for 2013 exhibition after IDMA 2011 Exhibition, which was fruitful for both participants and visitors, answered our questions about IDMA 2013.

Mrs Kavraz, the IDMA exhibition you organised in 2011 was very much appreciated by both visitors and participants. The next exhibition is in April, 2013. How are the preparations for IDMA 2013 going?
As you know, International, Flour, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulghur, Feed Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition (IDMA), has proved to be the most prominent meeting platform of the world milling industry. Therefore, the leading trademarks of the world milling industry have already booked their places in the 5th IDMA Fair to be held in Istanbul Expo Center on April 4-7, 2013. We consider this as a proof of the success of IDMA 2011.

As Parantez Fair Organization Company, our main aim is to meet all expectations of the visitors and participants in this exhibition we organise biannually and to make them leave the exhibition satisfied. For this reason, we intensify the preparations for IDMA 2013 at a great pace.

How will IDMA 2013 be different from the previous exhibition? What kinds of differences are waiting for the participants and visitors in the exhibition in 2013?
We organised IDMA 2011 exhibition in two halls and in a total space of 14,000 square metres. We expanded the exhibition area for 2013 so that more brands will be represented in the exhibition and product diversity will be increased. IDMA 2013 Exhibition will be in three halls encompassing a total area of 21,000 square metres. First of all, this will allow visitors to see more alternatives and products varieties in 2013 Exhibition. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and technologies developed by these brands.

We can say that another significant difference for visitors will be the increase in the number of foreign participants. This means almost all of the leading actors in the world milling industry will attend the exhibition. This will strengthen the international characteristic of IDMA again.
In addition, we expanded domestic and foreign visitor attendance activities. We believe that especially the promotional activities aimed for foreign visitors will produce results in the fair in 2013 and this will satisfy the participants. Participants will have the opportunity to increase their market shares thanks to the work relations they will form by coming together with thousands of professional visitors from 120 countries.
Mrs Zübeyde Kavraz, the General Manager of Parantez Fair Organization Company talks about IDMA 2013.

You have just stated that you increased the number of halls to three. Why open a third hall?
There are several reasons. First of all, majority of the participants, who left IDMA 2011 satisfied, demand to enlarge their fair booths in IDMA 2013 whereas numerous companies which failed to participate in the exhibition of 2011 desire to take place in IDMA 2013. Therefore we need to create space for the said companies. However, the main reason for us is the demand we receive from international visitors.

As it is well know that we carry out our promotional works in 120 countries of the world as Parantez Group. During these promotional activities, the manufacturers, who produce flour and semolina which are the principal raw materials of pasta and biscuits, also appear to be pasta and biscuit investors.

The said investors, who follow up IDMA in order to shape their investments, are enthusiastic about benefitting more efficiently from this exhibition. We decided to open a third hall to ensure that the biscuits, pasta and bread technologies are widely represented in the exhibition in accordance with the request we received from the said investors.

Thus, the exhibition’s representation ability will be increased in addition to providing opportunity to the visiting investors in terms of having access to all technologies they require at a single point.

Could you also mention about the domestic and foreign promotional activities and the actions performed for visitor organisation? What kinds of promotional activities are you carrying out and in how many countries?
As I just said, we expanded our promotional and visitor attendance activities for 2013. First of all, number of countries where we carry out activities to draw visitors was increased to 120. In order to ensure more efficient promotion and visitor attendance, we work together with the leading associations, unions, media institutions and tourism agencies in these 120 countries.

In this context, more than 100 associations, unions and tourism agencies in Asian, Africa, Middle East, Balkan, South and North America and European countries are providing assistance for Parantez Fair Organization Company for IDMA 2013 and carrying out active operations for visitor attendance. We have already made agency agreements in over 20 countries. Similar activities are underway in other countries.

Moreover, we continue to perform promotional work and invitations in five different languages by means of one-to-one interactions and by directly reaching out to the target group, namely company executives as we did in the previous fair in order to increase the number of visitors. In addition, we reorganised our website in seven languages for promotion. This way, many visitors have the opportunity to reach all information and developments about the exhibition in their own languages.

Who will be the participants and visitors of the exhibition? Who is the target group of the exhibition?
Flour, semolina, corn, rice and feed millers, producers and representatives of pulses cleaning and packing, pasta and biscuit technologies, grain storing silos, filing, carrying and discharging systems, laboratory equipment, additives, packing machines and materials, spare parts and sub-industry products as well as international sellers of grains and pulses will attend the fair. These participants introduce the latest innovations in the systems they have developed or represent to the visitors in IDMA 2013. 

The target visitor group of IDMA 2013 consists of; the professional executives, investors and employees of global flour, semolina, rice, corn and feed millers, professional executives, investors and employees of commercial factories producing and trading pulses, pasta and biscuits, international buyers of grains and pulses, professional executives, investors and employees of food companies making production in connection with the grains and pulses sectors, presidents and members of non-governmental organisations and professional associations related to the grains and pulses sectors, academics and students from education and research institutions, senior executives and employees in official institutions dealing with matters such as food, agriculture and foreign trade, and seed producers.

How many visitors are you expecting for IDMA 2013?
IDMA 2011 was visited by more than 8,000 people from 60 countries. We expect IDMA 2013 to be visited by more than 10,000 local and foreign professionals from 120 countries over four days.

Could you give information about other activities that will be performed in the exhibition?
We will organise seminars on basic subjects such as pulses, rice, cracked wheat (bulgur) and pasta in IDMA 2013 as we did in the previous exhibition. Differently from the previous exhibitions, Turkish and English simultaneous translations will be done in the seminar that will be organised in 2013 exhibition. This way, visitors from abroad will easily benefit from these seminars. Apart from the seminars organised by us (Parantez Fair Organization), some international institutions and companies will have similar events. We will announce them in our website in the following days.
However, our most significant event will be the 14-hour ‘Milling Certification Training’, which will concurrently take place with the exhibition.

What is the scope of this training? Who can participate in the training and who will be the trainers?
As Parantez International Fair Organization, we organise a 14-hour ‘Certificate Milling Training’ programe for the representatives of the milling sector who will visit the exhibition within the scope of IDMA Exhibition. The programme, which will take place on April 5-6, 2013 consists of 14-hour theoretical training. The programme trainers are the professionals who are successful in their fields.
The main topics of the content of training are as follows; Supply of Raw Materials in Milling sector, Raw Material Storage, Mill Technologies and Milling, Efficiency and Energy Saving with regard to Milling, Quality and Quality control with regard to Flour and Flour Additives, Wheat and Flour Logistics in International trade and Flour Plant Investments- Investment Feasibility Studies and Management.

The training will be provided in free of charge in both English and Turkish. Those who wish to participate in the program are required to be employed at a flour plant (mill) or work in milling Technologies production industry and be able to prove such employment. 

We will be accepting limited number of participants into the program to ensure training efficiency and success. Determining the limited number of participants will be based on early registration priority. He who wants to participate in the program is required to transmit his flight details, hotel reservation particulars, the document which proves his employment at a flour factory or a company producing milling technologies after registering via the online registration link under the section Milling Training Program on the IDMA website. The participants who register online but fail to send the above mentioned documents will not be registered to the programme.

What would you like to add as your final remarks?
As I said earlier, our primary purpose is to meet the expectations of participants and visitors of our exhibition at the highest level. We are rapidly continuing our preparations for this purpose.
We believe we will prove again in 2013 that IDMA is the most important meeting platform bringing all parties of the world grain and pulses industry together.

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