January 22, 2013

22/01/13: New council vice-chairman at Campden BRI; marl in poultry feed study

Tom Falcon has been elected Campden BRI council vice-chairman. Campden BRI is the UK's largest independent membership-based organisation carrying out research and development for the food and drinks industry worldwide.
Tom has been the production and distribution director of Shepherd Neame Ltd, Britain’s oldest brewer, since June 2008. Prior to this, Tom worked for The Maersk Company Ltd (responsible for business and process improvement) and A.T. Kearney specialists in business strategy, procurement and supply chain management). 

Today we've got an article on poultry feed from Engormix. D. Ouachem and N. Kaboul, Institute of Agronomic and Veterinary Sciences, HadjLakhdar University, Algeria discuss marl as a natural supply on broiler chicken feed.
Clay is a natural supply that could be used in poultry feed to achieve the same goals because it is a very abundant product in nature, inexpensive, widely used by hens raised outdoors. In this study three percent marl was incorporated into feed and tested on broiler chicken, at the young age and at 56 days. 

English: Five day old Cornish-Rock (Cornish Cr...
English: Five day old Cornish-Rock (Cornish Cross) chicks in a brooder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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