October 24, 2013

24/10/13: New Centre for Agriculture partnership announced at Vice-Chancellor’s annual lecture

Meeting the increasing need for food to feed the world’s expanding population was the subject of this year’s annual lecture from Professor Quintin McKellar, vice-chancellor of the University of Hertfordshire, UK as he announced the new Centre for Agriculture, Food and Environmental Management – a new collaboration between the University, the Royal Veterinary College, and Rothamsted Research.

Professor McKellar’s 2013 lecture, ‘Give us this day our daily bread’, explained the need for action to avoid food crisis and described how the University, together with its partners, planned to tackle the challenge of a cost effective and robust food system to ensure UK food security.
“I am delighted to announce that the University of Hertfordshire is partnering with two of the world’s leading agricultural institutions - the Royal Veterinary College and Rothamsted Research - to establish the new Centre for Agriculture, Food and Environmental Management.

“This new partnership will draw on the combined expertise to lead research into some of the most pressing issues affecting every aspect of food production in the UK – from the farm to our table.  We will undertake research into aspects of animal and plant production which will contribute to national food security, as well as educating the next generation of agriculture and food chain specialists, ” said Professor McKellar.

The new Centre will provide world-class education and research in food production, food supply, environmental management and sustainability.  The courses, including compulsory work experience for undergraduate students, will equip graduates with knowledge and skills to lead and inform sustainable agriculture and food security – ensuring high employability of graduates.

L-R: Professor Stephen May, deputy principal at the Royal Veterinary College; Professor Quintin McKellar, vice-chancellor at the University of Hertfordshire; Professor Maurice Moloney, director and chief executive of Rothamsted Research

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