September 23, 2014

23/09/14 Lambton Conveyor Supplies Grain Handling Equipment

Skyway uses the all galvanized grain leg and drag chain conveyors manufactured by Lambton Conveyor in its system designs. In projects where grain needs to be conveyed vertically, the bucket elevator gets the job done quickly and efficiently. In addition to the bucket elevators, Skyway also utilizes drag chain conveyors when grain needs to be moved horizontally or a slight incline.

Chain Conveyor - Round Bottom Incline
Skyway’s partnership with Lambton goes back more than 20 years so designing their grain handling systems is a familiar process. Since the bucket elevator is well-known equipment to international clients, it's often the piece of equipment requested in overseas projects.. Lambton equipment has been incorporated into storage designs in locations around the world. Countries like Canada, United States, Australia, Libya, New Zealand, Guatemala, Syria, Iran, Czech Republic, Mongolia, and Argentina all have benefited from the installation of grain legs as part of Skyways designs.
The bucket elevator is the "old reliable" in the grain handling industry, invented in 1842 by Joseph Dart and build in Buffalo, New York. The original grain legs were used in ports to handle the loading and unloading of grain being shipped from North America to the rest of the world. It still remains a fact that grain leg buckets deliver the gentlest handling, least spillage, and lowest maintenance, minimum amount of wear and tear, and quietest operation compared to similar mechanical elevating devices on the market.

Grain Leg
With more than 38 years of manufacturing and construction experience the company has grown to become a true leader in the grain handling industry and helps Skyway be the same. From the local farmer to the commercial processor Skyway and Lambton have the reputation for providing high quality, innovative and cost effective equipment and designs.
The company is a privately held corporation founded in 1979 as an extension of a grain storage distributor and construction company established in 1965. The corporation manufactures and distributes grain and material handling equipment for farm, commercial and industrial applications. Skyway joins Lambton Conveyor in being committed to being the leader in design and production of galvanized modular products for the industries and markets it serves.
As a manufacturer of bucket elevators / grain legs, paddle drag chain conveyors, catwalks and flow accessories for farm and industry, Lambton uses state of the art computer aided design and C.N.C. technology to produce its full catalogue of all galvanized equipment. The standard galvanized construction, modular design, competitive pricing and short lead times coupled with an excellent design and production staff enables quick reaction in providing solutions to meet the needs of customers.
In their home territory in southern Ontario, Canada, the company also has construction and maintenance divisions. The purpose of these divisions is to give the technicians' hands-on opportunities to field test new products as they are being designed. Field testing equipment in the design stages results in grain handling equipment that works right the first time and every time after that. The product is designed for years of trouble free service in some of the most demanding applications and punishing environments. Because of their construction background their features-loaded equipment is manufactured with ease of installation and subsequent maintenance in mind.

Whether you are a large commercial handler/processor or a large farm producer, Skyway truly has a high quality, cost effective solution to your bucket elevator needs.

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  2. Thanks for sharing great information.Field testing equipment in the design stages results in grain handling equipment that works right the first time and every time after that.


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