July 01, 2015

01/07/2015: Storage project: Woldgrain Storage initiate phase 3 of Project Valiant

by Abi Young, Perry of Oakley Ltd

First published in Milling and Grain, April 2015

Woldgrain Storage based at Hemswell Airfield, Lincolnshire was established in 1980 to store grain on behalf of its founding members. The original scheme had 20,000 tonne storage and one dryer accompanied by 60tph handling equipment. The main products that Woldgrain handle are oilseed rape, barley, wheat and oats. Their expected throughput each year is between 85,000 tonnes and 100,000 tonnes.


With the success and an increase in membership in recent years the capacity has been increased in stages to 57,000 tonnes of ventilated storage with a total of 2 driers and 2 off 250tph intake systems. Further increases in membership required extra facilities hence Project Valiant Phase 3 has taken place.

Project Valiant Phase 3 comprised of a further 26,000 tonnes of silo storage, carefully arranged with varying size silo’s to fill in several unused plots on the limited size site. By initiating Project Valiant this represents a further important step along the road to achieving Woldgrain’s ultimate goal of a fully developed store of 85,000 tonnes.

Over a number of years Perry of Oakley Ltd have installed several machines at Woldgrain, including conveyors that were used for filling the original silos in 2012.

This year more new Perry of Oakley machines were installed. These included a 250tph horizontal chain & flight conveyor intake, a 100tph and a 250tph horizontal chain & flight conveyor, a 100tph curved combination chain & flight conveyor, a 100tph and a 250tph belt & bucket elevator, screw dischargers & screw conveyors and an M618 80tph grain drier with PLC control panel.

Woldgrain is now able to intake up to 750tph and boasts 1 Perry drier, 7 Perry screw conveyors / bin dischargers, 34 Perry industrial specification conveyors, 2 curve combination industrial specification conveyors and 4 industrial specification elevators.

All of Perry’s conveyors are made from durable, heavy duty galvanised steel and are available from 3 different ranges. The agricultural range is capable of capacities of up to 60tph, the heavy duty agricultural range is capable of up to 120tph and the industrial range will comfortably cope with up to 600tph. With the 3 ranges available this enables Perry to tailor each machine to suit the customer’s needs, this has included the machines installed for Woldgrain.

The new 80tph drier installed at Woldgrain is controlled using Perry’s drier PLC panel is a 12” touch screen control panel that is simple to use and easy to follow. It has been designed & programmed in house and each panel is customised to each drier that is sold. There are over 70 alarms and messages allowing you to understand quickly and easily what is happening in your drier. When the panel is connected to the internet text messages and emails can be sent to set numbers and addresses to give regular status reports on the drying process.

John Burnett, MD of Woldgrain, said: “Perry supplied conveyors for filling the original silos in 2012 uprating from 60tph to 100tph. These have performed very well, they are a quality product at a competitive price and the service and technical back up has been very good when required.”


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