September 03, 2015

03/09/2015: Eurofam animal farming equipment to help Yangchen Group ensure the source safety of food production

Yangchen Group is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating pig breeding, commercial pig farming, feed R&D and production, development of biomass and ecological agriculture demonstration. The two projects Eurofam signed with Yangchen Group were: Yangchen (Fufeng, Baoji) Animal Husbandry Co, Ltd's pig farm (with a capacity of 5000 pigs) and Hanyin Jinshuo Co, Ltd's pig farm (with a capacity of 3000 pigs).

Yangchen (Fufeng, Baoji) Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Baoji, Fufeng County, Shaanxi province. The project registered a total investment of CNY 150 million and of the total area of 169,333 square metres, 9333 square metres is used for the construction of office building, staff quarters and other supporting facilities; the remaining 160,000 square metres is used to build a pig propagation field. When operational, the pig farm can hold 5000 basic sows, annually, 40 thousand landrace large white sows, 50 thousand commercial piglets and ten thousand finishing pigs.

The Hanyin Jinshuo Co, Ltd pig farm is located in Hanyin county, Ankang city of Shaanxi. The farm is designed to hold 3000 basic sows and can produce 30 thousand landrace large white sows, 30 thousand commercial pigs and 6000 finishing pigs.

To hasten the development of
Yangchen Group in pig farming, automatic feeding systems, environmental control systems, stall systems, farm sewage systems and plant network control facilities are here to help.

Visit the Famsun/Muyang site HERE.

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