October 08, 2015

08/10/2015: Alltech Crop Science to feature natural range for intensive crop production at Fruit Attraction, Spain

Alltech Crop Science, a division of Alltech, is delighted to exhibit to more than 40,500 professional participants at Fruit Attraction, Spain’s largest fruit and vegetable trade show. Alltech Crop Science will feature at stand 9E14, with experts available to discuss optimising intensive crop production, in both yield and quality. Alltech Crop Science will showcase natural-based products, residue-free solutions that it provides to producers across the globe to tackle agronomic and horticultural challenges. 

“The Alltech Crop Science research programme is built on improving productivity in both the soil and the plant,” said Rebecca Noble, European business development manager, Alltech Crop Science.

“Producers must focus on nutrient efficiency and end product quality as market demand rises, all while identifying the environmental challenges. Our natural product range is also suitable for organic farming according to EC No 834/2007. The Alltech Crop Science team are eager for the opportunity to meet fruit and vegetable producers who will visit Fruit Attraction to share trial successes in Spain, France, Greece and Turkey, to mention but a few.” 
Rebecca Noble discusses intensive crop production with Santiago Gonzalez Garcia, technician at Agropecuária Maifra, in Mazarrón, Spain ahead of Fruit Attraction 2015
“We currently work with Ideagro, a crop science company based in Murica, Spain, conducting 55 European and global market trials based on our natural solutions,” said Noble.

The trials with Ideagro examine intensive crop production, allowing Alltech to understand the science behind improving yield and quality. Amid the ever-changing environment, providing crops with a catalyst for growth at a precise time can make all the difference to producers. Alltech Crop Science sets about equipping crops with a framework of essential nutrients they require to sustain themselves. Through Alltech’s biostimulants and natural fertilisers, crops become more robust and resilient. Healthier plants are higher in sugars and production is uniform in size and colour, which improve marketable yield.

Since 1994 Alltech Crop Science has conducted research on 69 crops in 29 countries and has a strong regional presence in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Due to an increasing demand for research in the area of crop science, Alltech is expanding its European research facility in Ireland to enhance ongoing trials. The European trials give Alltech a greater understanding of the needs of today’s crop. Alltech Crop Science aims to seamlessly bridge the gap between science and sustainability, naturally. The Alltech Crop Science research programme will drive innovation to improve the profitability and sustainability for intensive crop producers.

For more information on European trials and producer success stories, go to http://ag.alltech.com/crop/en/testimonials. Join the conversation on Twitter with @Alltech using #FA15.

Watch how Alltech Crop Science is improving the yield and quality for intensive lettuce crops in Spain.

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