October 20, 2015

20/10/2015: IFEEDER applauds summer pledges - Kent Nutrition Group and JBS United

www.ifeeder.orgThe Institute for Feed Education & Research welcomed donations from two new corporate sponsors this summer--Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) and JBS United--as well as individual pledges from John Swisher, Don Orr, Walter Ney (all of JBS United) and Randy Davis (QLF-Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc.).

KNG donated US$50,000 to IFEEDER during a check signing ceremony at its Muscatine, Iowa, headquarters. A division of the family-owned Kent Corporation, KNG is known for its two animal nutrition brands--Kent and Blue Seal, both of which make products for livestock, horses, companion animals and pets. 
Left to right: John Thorpe, Bruce Reed and Mark Krieger
of KNG, and Ken Thomas, IFEEDER executive director,
celebrate the company's donation during the check signing
 ceremony at its Muscatine, Iowa, location
KNG President John Thorpe said his company felt compelled to partner with IFEEDER "to show our commitment and appreciation of IFEEDER's strong education and research programs. As a company, we value what they are working to achieve."
"They hold the same high standards we do, and IFEEDER genuinely cares about the feed markets we serve," Mr Thorpe added.

JBS United also donated $50,000 toward industry research and education via IFEEDER. JBS United employees Mr Swisher, Mr Orr and Mr Ney pledged as individuals, qualifying on the Platinum, Silver and Friend giving levels, respectively.

JBS United, founded in 1956, provides research-based solutions and livestock nutrition and health products worldwide through its JBS United, or affiliate brands. The company is headquartered in Sheridan, Indiana, and extends to 23 countries, including South Korea, the Philippines, and locations in South America and Europe.

"JBS United Inc remains committed to the animal feed industry, and specifically research and education. We are proud to support IFEEDER and their important work in our industry," said Douglas Webel, PhD, the chief operating officer of JBS United's Animal Nutrition & Health group.

Left to right: Walter Ney, Don Orr, John Swisher, Ken
Thomas of IFEEDER, Douglas Webel, John Corbett and
Scott Ringger pose during a pledge ceremony of $50,000
by JBS United to IFEEDER
Individual donor, Mr Orr, who is JBS United's president emeritus and former American Feed Industry Association chair, said, "IFEEDER's concept was identified as the highest priority initiative during the period of my chairmanship at AFIA. IFEEDER is fundamental for meeting the research and education mission of AFIA and it benefits all AFIA members. I am proud that IFEEDER has successfully moved from concept to reality, due to the diligent work and leadership of many individuals. Those are some of the reasons why I am personally contributing to IFEEDER."

A separate individual pledge from Mr Davis was received during AFIA's annual Liquid Feed Symposium. Mr Davis is the chair of AFIA's Liquid Feed Committee.

IFEEDER was created in 2009 to address the enormous challenges the US food and feed production industries will face in the next 40 years and beyond as the world's population grows by almost 2.5 billion people. In August, IFEEDER announced a US$75,000 commitment over three years to a research project on 'Assessing Intestinal Absorption of Amino Acids from Various Feedstuffs' conducted by Mark Hanigan, PhD, a professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Visit the IFEEDER site HERE

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