October 22, 2015

22/10/2015: Research underway at Auburn to control AI in poultry feeds

Pathogen control specialist Anitox® has confirmed that studies are underway, jointly funded by the US Poultry and Egg Association, designed to offer critical data in the battle against Avian Influenza (AI).  

“The project is being run by Dr Haroldo Toro, Professor of Avian Diseases in the Department of Pathobiology at Auburn University, USA,” explains Anitox President and CEO Rick Phillips, himself a poultry veterinarian.  

“We’re looking at multiple technologies to identify the best way to deliver residual protection of feed and feed ingredients. Signs are good; we already have substantive data to confirm that the core technology in Termin-8® is highly effective against the virus in the laboratory.  The Auburn project is a substantial piece of the jigsaw, with trials designed to provide conditions that will offer maximum efficacy and residual protection in feed.” 
Image: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Vice President of Research Programs at the US Poultry and Egg Association, Dr John Glisson, underlined the urgency surrounding the project: “The US egg industry has already been severely hit, and with winter migration now underway, we’re doing everything we can to protect birds and businesses.  Strict biosecurity is the most fundamental feature of successful control of avian influenza.  It will be the key to eradicating this virus.”

Feed is considered as a potential vector for AI, with an increasing number of producers in the US and European layer and breeder sectors treating feed to ensure it is virus-free at point of consumption.  As well as airborne transmission, the virus, which is carried by migratory birds and flies, has the potential to transfer via faecal material to feed ingredients and finished feeds.   

Results from the Auburn study are expected within weeks, with both parties committed to prompt publication. 

Visit the Anitox site HERE.

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