October 19, 2015

19/10/2015: Special Focus: Sortex A optical sorter

Sortex A optical sorter cornerstone for improving grain safety 
First published in Milling and Grain, July 2015

Producers of food and feed are faced with intensifying expectations to deliver products of a consistent quality – free from defects, foreign materials and potential health hazards. As a result, product specifications are becoming increasingly complex and quality management programs need to be revised in order to cope with these demanding requirements. Advanced optical sorting solutions are becoming a necessity to grain processors in ensuring safe and high quality finished products.

Among the growing number of safety concerns is the widespread presence of mycotoxins, a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds produced by certain mould fungi. These secondary metabolites of moulds can grow on a variety of different crops and the level of mould contamination and risk from mycotoxins can be exacerbated by extreme weather conditions, poor agricultural practices, post-harvest storage and handling conditions.

If consumed, mycotoxins can have harmful effects on humans and animals. In order to control and limit the exposure to mycotoxins, legal maximum limits for food and feed have been set in many countries. Compliance with these strict levels combined with numerous varying commercial specifications, is putting additional pressure on processors of a wide variety of grains, all over the world.  

Read the full article in Milling and Grain HERE.   
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