July 11, 2016

11/07/2016: The Al Basra flour mill

First published in Milling and Grain, May 2016
Aybakar announced the delivery of Al Basra flour mill in Iraq last month. Owned by Kubba group, Al Basra flourmill is one of the most prestigious flour milling companies in Iraq, with the group being in the milling business since the 1960s.
Currently, Al Basra flourmill is the most developed flourmill in Iraq. Equipped with Aybakar’s crown jewel CERES II INOX roller mills, the mill exceeds Iraqi and international standards. These stainless steel roller mills are equipped with PLC driven control units, central lubrication system, rolls that can be replaced within 20 minutes and retractable feed rolls.
With a capacity of 250 tons/day, Al Basra flourmill is controlled by state of art PLC system. The mill features a precleaning system of 50 tons/hour and a cleaning system of 15 tons/hour. All the products are weighed and conveyed to storage by pneumatic systems. The packing system includes double weighing bagging machines at a capacity of 20 tons/hour for flour and 15 tons/hour for bran.
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