July 28, 2016

28/07/2016: AFIA honours animal and dairy science experts with annual awards

Left to right: Oklahoma State University Professor Clint Krehbiel, PhD, poses with Cathy Bandyk, PhD, of Westway Feed Products, after receiving the Ruminant Animal Nutrition Award
The American Feed Industry Association honoured three individuals in the fields of animal science and dairy science at the American Society of Animal Science-American Dairy Society Association Joint Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 19-23.

Clint Krehbiel, PhD, and Dean Boyd, PhD, received the Ruminant Animal Nutrition Award and Non-ruminant Animal Nutrition Award, respectively, from AFIA and ASAS. Hélène Lapierre, was presented with an award from AFIA and ADSA for her dedicated research on dairy cows.
"It's an honour to see such exceptional individuals awarded as they have each contributed largely to the agriculture industry," said Richard Sellers, AFIA senior vice president of public policy and education. "Their research has helped the industry provide better nutrition for swine and dairy."
Ruminant Animal Nutrition Award
Cathy Bandyk, Ph.D, of Westway Feed Products, on behalf of AFIA, awarded Dr Krehbiel the Ruminant Animal Nutrition Award. Dr Krehbiel is a professor at Oklahoma State University, where he teaches rumenology, animal nutrition techniques, and laboratory methods and protein nutrition in ruminants. His research interests include metabolism in ruminants regarding protein, regulation of lipids, tissue and whole-animal energy, and improving efficiency of nutrient utilisation in growing and finishing ruminants. Dr Krehbiel earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees in animal science and industry from Kansas State University, and a doctorate in animal science (ruminant nutrition) from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Left to right: Dean Boyd proudly receives the Non-ruminant Animal Nutrition Award from Chad Risley, Berg+Schmidt America LLC, during ASAS-ADSA Joint Annual Meeting
Non-ruminant Animal Nutrition Award
Chad Risley, Ph.D, of Berg+Schmidt America LLC, on behalf of AFIA, awarded Boyd the Non-ruminant Animal Nutrition Award. Dr Boyd is a technical director for The Hanor Company, Inc. He manages nutrition for 88,000 sows and 2.1 million pigs annually.

Prior to The Hanor Company, Dr Boyd was the global director of nutrition for the Pig Improvement Company and a faculty member in the Department of Animal Science for Cornell University.

He earned a bachelor's degree in animal nutrition from Colorado State University and a doctorate from the University of Nebraska.
Left to right: Jack Garrett, QualiTech, Inc, presenting Hélène Lapierre with the Dairy Nutrition Research Award
Dairy Nutrition Research Award
The Dairy Nutrition Research Award was presented to Dr Lapierre by Jack Garrett of QualiTech, Inc., during the Joint Annual Meeting, on behalf of AFIA. AFIA sponsors this award annually, and has done so for 69 years.

Dr Lapierre is a research scientist for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre. Her research focuses on gaining a better understanding of intermediary metabolism in dairy cows in order to improve the efficiency of nitrogen utilisation.

The National Research Council of the United States appointed Dr Lapierre to serve on the committee to revise the next edition of Nutrient Requirements in Dairy Cattle. She is author and/or co-author to more than 150 peer-reviewed papers and 250 communications and extension papers, and speaks across the globe at scientific and extension meetings and universities.

The three awards are sponsored by AFIA as part of its continuing awards program that dates back to 1948. The ruminant and non-ruminant awards were an addition to the overall awards program in 1998.

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