July 20, 2016

20/07/2016: Let Fischbein handle your bagging needs

Fischbein has moved on over the years from just bag sewing and is now a global leader in all areas of the bagging and handling processes.
The company's engineering strengths offer an integrated and complete end-user solution in bagging scales; leading-edge bag sewing and sealing; and highly efficient fully automatic bagging and palletising machines.
Accelerated new product developments allow Fischbein to continue to bring innovation and value to their customers.
Should you need any support for your site to move your bagging process forward, or develop new packing processes, you can contact the company directly for a site review.
Here's a roundup of some notable Fischbein products:   


Hot air, band, radiant Saxon bag sealers: A pioneer in bag sealing technology, Fischbein introduced its first bag sealer over 30 years ago. Today, the company offers a full-range of bag sealing solutions that include hot melt adhesive closures for paper bags and the line of Saxon brand sealers for plastic bags and pouches.


Sealing and sewing options: flat belt, plastic slat or gravity conveyors, ink jet printers, air evacuation system with gas insertion, simple automation to fully validatable with vision inspection available to accompany your bag closing process.  Whatever the bag closing need, Fischbein can satisfy it.
Portable bag closers: The versatile hand held portable bag closer is the perfect solution for small volume bagging applications (250 - 300 bags/hour) for the agricultural, food, pet, animal and chemical sectors alike.
Fischbein’s hand-held portable bag closers are available in several models that include plain and tape sew applications. So whether you need a high quality bag closer for use in the field or on the line, you will find their portable bag closer family of products has what it take to get the job done.

Mini sewing systems: Fischbein offers a full-range of cost-effect, mini-sewing systems for small bagging operations that require up to 300 sewn bags per hour. Each of the following sewing systems features Fischbein’s compact single thread stitch (7mm length) portable bag closer that is mounted on a height adjustable pedestal.


High speed sewing systems: Fischbein sewing systems offer various industrial features depending on the number of bags to be closed; the manpower, the skill of the operators, the degree of automation, the type of bags in manual operation up to systems with infeeds for automatic handling.


Sewing consumables: Maximise the performance of your bag sewing equipment with genuine Fischbein brand sewing thread, needles, lubricants and crepe tape. Fischbein consumable products are specifically designed and engineered to enhance the performance and longevity of your bag sewing equipment. From hand-held portable bag sewers to fully integrated bag sewing systems - Fischbein consumables are the perfect choice.


Pinch bag closers and bag gluing: Fischbein is excited to introduce its new PBC 8000 Series Pinch Bag Closer, with its high speed, direct drive system. This piece of equipment is specifically designed for high volume bagging applications that use pre-glued, multiwall pinch style paper bags. The PBC 8000’s versatility and speed range make it the perfect sift-proof sealing solution when partnered with high-speed automated twin bagging systems. A valuable addition to any semi or fully automated packaging line, this cost effective sealer is engineered with an extended non-stick durable folder blade that gradually closes the bag.


Palletiser P500: Practical stacking power for any operation
Fischbein's palletiser is a very cost-effective compact solution which means it can be incorporated easily into existing production lines, particularly when space limitations are an issue. This piece of equipment by Fischbein Saxon is great for stacking bags onto a pallet. With its simplistic but robust design, it will save you time, money and improve your efficiency, with payback in under 2 years. Robot palletisers are also available.
Visit the Fischbein site HERE.  

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