July 18, 2016

18/07/2016: FEFAC publishes its Annual Report 2015-2016

FEFAC has published its Annual Report 2015-2016.
The report serves as a public account of FEFAC’s activities over the past year, with the relevant topics divided over the respective FEFAC standing committees.
In the introduction, as a general overview, FEFAC President Ruud Tijssens earmarked the past year as very challenging for the feed industry’s customers and highlighted the predicaments around the EU’s GMO policy as an additional threat to competitiveness.
The Annual Report 2015-2016 has several pages dedicated to the FEFAC 2030 Animal Feed Industry Vision. In this vision, FEFAC outlines the sector’s solutions for the animal food chain, such as tackling antimicrobial resistance and climate change, from feed production to the consumer stage. 
Also included are the updated industrial compound feed production estimates for 2015 as well as other relevant data, all accompanied by graphical overviews. 
Download the report HERE
Visit the FEFAC site HERE.  

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